Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Following the other to MS3

I'm a follower and I jumped on the Mystery Stole bandwagon. I have no clue what I am thinking about even attempting this size of a lace project, but attempt it I will! That is assuming I can find the right yarn to use. I think I might have something I can use in dark khacki green, but the pattern is requesting a white or black due to the theme.....I'm assuming the theme will be announced with the first clue (the pattern is sent in a series of clues, so no idea what you are making until you are done) so I could make a decision then. I will look if not this weekend for something at the LYS in a lace weight, otherwise fall greatly behind and have to wait until I am in the US and can pick something up there.

Details on MS3 can be found here: You have until July 6th to sign up, currently there are 3,193 people signed up to make this KAL....nothing like jumping on the bandwagon eh? But I am sure that there is room for a few more, so step right up and jump on in - all aboard!

Oops - just looked again make that 3,195 people now!

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AmysBabies said...

I joined earlier this week too! I can hardly stand the wait :D