Monday, June 25, 2007

Weekend of WIPs Number 1

I did it. I managed to go a whole weekend without starting a new WIP. Yay me!

The weekend consisted of a lot of working on several different projects as follows:

I am not sure what pattern I was attempting with this little cloth, so I winged a scalloped edging along two sides and a round circular on the opposite corner and the first of my WIPs was finished. I still need to tie in the ends (ugh) and then you will see a picture.

Any ideas what this mash of colors and parts is? Its Dragon numbers 2 and 3 plus a random purple head. I've finished crocheting almost all of the parts. Now I need to finish assembling them and embroider on the eyes. And make both a pair of wings since a Dragon needs to have wings!

Monkey monkey, who's seen the monkey? Hes been hiding away as I realized that the pattern was not complete, a few parts missing (like the tail - kinda critical) but I've decided to plod on and finish him up, winging the missing parts as I go along.

Yet another mash assortment of parts (with some still hiding away in the bag). These are random Turtle body parts. I've finished one of the turtles, now to finish the others and get some Turtle pictures up!

The lovely blanket for my soon to be 1 year old niece Abby.......I've been working on for probably 18 months now. I finished just over 2 repeats this weekend, so now its 12 down, 13 to go - not yet half way but oh so close....this just might be done in time for her graduation from high school!

That's it on the WIP updates. I need to take a a closer look at everything that is in my pile and make a decision on frogging or continuing.....I think the picture is going to get a few big red X's through it as I decide to frog several of the items!

Vacation countdown: 2 weeks and 4 days

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Mimi said...

Looking forward to see your FOs!
We're also counting down here for my sister's visit (first week of July. She hasnt come back home for more than a year now...)