Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Lack of a title, too much on my mind

I am sure to develop an ulcer from stress and worry.

I just found out that one of my best friends, Paul, has been sent to Iraq with his doggie Ben (hes a K-9 MP) So I am now going to have the stress of worrying about him non-stop. How do people handle it? I've known for all of 5 minutes and already my mind is starting to freak out. Please keep him and Ben in your thoughts!

My list of to-dos is growing longer and longer - I will never finish any of them it feels like!

I have a swap obligation that needs to be finished and I already know that whatever I make is going to be lacking (in my own mind). My swap partner mailed hers out to me the very first day as she was going on vacation......I have no idea how I am going to compare with the wondrous and amazing items that she sent to me! I'm the little Toyota trying to blend in with the Mercedes and Porsche's! I'll post pictures when I have the time!

I received my invite for Ravelry - now to take pictures of my stash, organize my projects and patterns, remember my flickr name and password......

I am in the process of booking my flight back to the US for vacation, I need to decide which airline I want to take. The cheapest is Northwest via Detroit, but I have never flown them internationally before (after my experience with Lufthansa I don't want to try another unknown airline I'm thinking). My other option right now looks to be American. Will make a decision soon.

I think that is it. I am still behind on blog reading and commenting, but I'm slowly getting back to it. I'll catch up one day soon....just in time for my week in Zurich and then 2 weeks in the US!


Vik said...

The Irak thing seems neverending... I´m sorry for your friend.

Kel said...

My SIL is in Iraq right now as well, and we all worrying all the time.. She is the second on my in-laws to be deployed there. My BIL was there 16 months and that was a long hard worrisome time. All you can do is write often and keep them in your prays.

I am also working on the ravelry stuff. My stash is alot bigger than I thought!

Take some time to relax if you can! Take care! Big Hugs

Anonymous said...

Oh Kimberly, this is worrisome news. I think the thing to do is keep busy with your crochet work friends and keep your pal and his k9 in your prayers at night. I know they have access to the net sometimes in some areas, and bet he would love a care package from Europe.. I did that when I lived in Norway, and sent a friend in Mosul Norwegian chocolate .. he loved it. Good luck to your friend and to you, not to worry, God bless,

Mimi said...

I'll be so worried too for anyone sent to Iraq :( We can only pray for them...