Tuesday, June 19, 2007

I'm not dead just floating

And not even belly up! Well, some days I fear its getting close to me rolling over and giving up yet I still keep floating in my little pool of cubical fishies trying to avoid getting gobbled up by the big bad shark. Blub blub blub

Just wanted to check in - lots going on and nothing I can verbalise really. I finally think its all getting to me, but I keep looking at my calendar and I know that I get to see my family in 24 days and counting. I need some eskimo kissin and sand castle squishin to cheer me up and get me through the next few months.

Change is coming, I just don't know when, where or what yet. Unless something major changed with my current job I know that I can not stay in this position no matter how much I like it and the people I work with - my sanity would be in even more in question and walking on an even thinner line towards a breakdown than I currently am.

I have to go to the post office tomorrow. I have several packages that HAVE to get mailed out to the US. I hope those that are getting them forgive the tardiness.

Crafty type updates coming soon......I've been sorting my craft area (note, its no longer a shelf, or a corner, but an area) and have made some frightening discoveries!


Kelly The Crafty Cat said...

right behind the ink of your tattoo.... la la la

I love Pink!

Pyo said...

I hope things will be going better soon!



DixieRedHead said...


hey i still havent received that hook. does it usually take this long?

have a great week Kimberly!

Vik said...

Hi dear Kim, oh I´m sorry to read that. Just think that your holidays at home with your dear family are coming soon.

Sharon said...

Aw, Kimberly. I hope things go better for you. I am sure a job in the States would work better for you. Chin up!

Bron said...

Sending good vibes your way - I hope things ease up for you this week!

Pink said...

I hope things ease up for you soon, as well...

take care