Monday, October 01, 2007

Deep Breathe......hold it....hold it.....

Thats exhale *whoooosh*

I survived.

I think.


The trip to Zurich was an omen of things to come. Where to begin.....

My car had to be taken to the Audi garage while I was in Zurich, but thankfully one of the building workers took it in for me so I did not need to handle the Swiss-German garage speak - nightmares!

I never really did see the hotel room and absolutely nothing of Zurich aside from the office, hotel restaurant, Starbucks and as I said, to some extent my hotel room. Every day I was out of my room before 8 and standing in Starbucks to grab a Strawberries & Cream Frappachino....I had to walk past Starbucks which was connected to the hotel lobby so how could I resist? I then would spend the next 14 to 15 hours at the office. When I would leave about 10:30 / 11:00 to head to the hotel with a colleague who was also staying there where we would go to the restaurant with out PCs and continue working using the wireless connection. I would stumble into my hotel room at about 12:30 / 1 am where I would call the boyfriend to tell him good night and then promptly pass out to be rudely awoken at 7:00 to start it all over again.

The crocheting that I brought with me never saw the light of day....nor the hotel lights at night.

Friday ended at 6:00pm where I then sprinted for my car and began the 6 hour drive back to Brussels.

I was so tired by the time I made it home and utterly exhausted that I could not sleep. I kept waking up talking about work and thigns that I had hoped I had done etc.

Its over for a few days. I can only hope that the next rounds of submissions are easier and I can have some sanity at the end of October left!

I was able to do something crafty this weekend. I've been scrambling like mad to make some Christmas ornaments. The ones that I sent in August to my swap partner have gone MIA so I am making new ones to send. Here are the ones I made for her yesterday:

Are they not cute? My Grandmother made similar ornaments for our tree when we were young, except that they were made from felt, not crocheted.

Okay, more meetings - have a great day!


Deneen said...

It's funny you posted the ornaments, I have several just like them (in red and white, of course) from my grandmother's tree and I wondered where I could find the pattern. You linked it on Fiber Freaks, so thank you!

Mimi said...

I hope you do have it easier next time...seems tiring just imagining the work you do.
Btw, the ornaments are so cute and I can't believe its Christmas again soon :p

mom said...

Yes these do look familiar. Grandma will be tickled that you made some also. Don't tell her but I like yours better--course they are in "my color" scheme--teal and peach.

Anita said...

Hope to hear that things calm down for you a bit now that you are back home, if nothing else that you get to bed at a decent hour! LOVE the ornaments! I will of course have to try those!

Bron said...

My Mom crocheted ornaments just like that when I was little - too cool!