Monday, October 22, 2007

Yet another weekend over.....

Can you believe it? For that matter, October is almost over! This year is simply flying by for me!

First of all, thanks to everyone who commented on my post about Zürich. I am indeed a little bit happy about the new job, although it does come with some reservations. I am not so sure that I want to stay in Europe, but unless I leave the boyfriend, that is really what I need to do! Andy - there is indeed a nice yarn shop in Zurich....or at least it looks nice from the window - I've never actually managed to make it there when it was open! One of these trips I will!

Anyways, how did you all spend your weekend?

Saturday was the normal shopping. Sunday woke up early (9am...which is early for a Sunday) and went with the boyfriend to the farmers market where he bought me another house plant (is there a theme going on here?) and a bunch of fresh fruit.

I also proclaimed it WIP day so I kicked the bf out of the apartment, lined up about 10 WIPs next to me, started a timer and went to work on them in 15 minute increments and forced myself to work on each for 15 minutes.

Here are some of the things that I finished over the weekend, including some WIPs....
Knitters Swatch Ornament
Pattern Found here: Knitters Brooch I turned it from a brooch into an ornament by adding a loop.
Round Ripple #2 Inverted colors from my last round ripple as I try to use up some yarn. Have finished the green and am now on the solid yellow section.
Its Larger Than Life Side 1 One side all sewn together all ends weaved in. Have started sewing the second side together.
Christmas Stitch Markers Stitch markers that I made for a Swap package a few weeks ago.....forgot to post the picture.

I don't have pictures but I finally finished the Cabbage Patch Shoes and Pants - all ends sewn in and ties added to the shoes. I am putting the top on hold - just no time for it!

I also finished 2 more pairs of ice skates - pictures coming soon!

What else am I working on? Red Christmas Ornament washcloth, 3 Crazy Cloths, more Ice Skates (so quick and easy - perfect project to have in the purse), Irish Hiking Wrist Warmers, Dora the Explorer wardrobe in Rainbow colors, Square Doily, Snowflakes waiting to be blocked

I also want to find some time to make more snowflakes, some scarves, different potholders, finish my Weaved Hot pad design.....

way too much to do and no where near enough time!

Have a great week everyone!


Deneen said...

Look at you go! I love that round ripple-

Anita said...

Holey Moley, Girl! You are a crochet machine! Nice work! Is your family crazy? Crocheted ornaments are the best ones on the tree! Tried the iceskate ornament, it was a bad scene, need to try again, would LOVE to do up a bunch for Christmas to use as a quick gift when I have nothing!

kathy said...


nannykim said...

I am looking for an ice skate ornament pattern (with paper clip) do you have the pattern?