Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Hello from Zürich!

Thats right, I'm in Zürich today....I just do not seem able to stay in Brussels these days! I am here just for the day though which is not so bad. I came in for a meeting with the Finance VP on careers / future etc.

The result.....I'm switching jobs. Which is not a surprise to me . They moved me into a sidestep role in August helping out a new country region get setup and up to speed. This has been fun and interesting, but at the same time a TON of added work since I could not fully give up my old role.

The new position is still currently based in Brussels although I need to think about more long term and where I want to end up. Theres the possibility of actually moving here to Zürich which while not a requirement at this point might potentially become one in the near to mid-term if I want to stay in Europe.

I'll still report to the same boss which has him excited as the other 2 managers are leaving his group - one for MBA School the other to go back to the US. I will be the only remaining manager that was there when he took over the group, so I'll be providing the knowledge base and experience leadership for the team.

The only potential downside? The business that I'll be supporting has been supported in the past year by a manager and an analyst.....when I start it will be supported by me. Just me. So I'll still be doing 2 roles....I really wish I would be paid for those 2 roles. But I only get the one salary.

Crocheting news you ask? I started another Round Ripple today on the plane....I only brought 2 colors with me since I had to fit them in my computer bag and I am almost done with those so I'll have to wait until I get back to Belgium to really start moving along on it.

I washed the Granny Square Blanket that I made with the local acrylic yarn that I found here last night....with just one washing it has softened up considerably. I am very happy with it! I have enough left from what I bought to make another 2 blankets.....I'll probably make some double stranded round ripples from it instead of the Granny Square Ghan.

Deneen is working on a Felted Noro Shawl that looks really interesting. I still have some skeins of Noro left from my French Market Bag that I made for the Olympics....depending on her final verdict I might try this as well!

My project queue over at Ravelry is growing by leaps and bounds.....I really need to start making some of them! There seems to be an abundance of Cable Scarves and Sock Patterns queued. I do need to start working on Christmas gifts soon...hmmmmmm


Kelly The Crafty Cat said...

Busy busy busy you are always so busy... I don't know how you find more time than me to crochet, and knit! I'm a little envious can you hear it in my type? lol

Congrats on the new job position! I hope it pays something more, since it is the job of two ppl.

Pyo said...

You seem to be having fun!
You should definitely start your Xmas projects now!!!
I started two months ago and I feel like I'm wayyyyyyyyyyyyyy behind!

Linda said...

I just love Ravelry, but I wish I'd spend as much time crocheting as I do looking at all of the projects people have completed.

kathy said...


Andy's Crafts said...

Congratulations. Any good yarn stores in Zurich lol! I am still on th queueon Ravelry, but wow , lots of people afte me keep joining.

Vik said...

Congratulations, dear Kim! I´m very happy and proud for you! Maybe you could negotiate a ticket to Argentina twice a year, would be fun!

Anita said...

Well, you definitely don't sound as stressed in this post as you have in the recent past. You must be getting to used to your new role/s and responsibilities! Moving is always great fun, although Zurich is just an hour's flight away...

Encouraging you to start your Christmas gifts, like yesterday!!!