Wednesday, May 07, 2008


What do you do while on a plane ? I often read or crochet or watch the movies. This morning on my way to the UK I spent time looking out the window. We flew up and over the North Sea, so I saw the coast, and then tons of barges and cargo vessels from way up in the air. After touring the freighter port in Hamburg last week I know how big those cargo vessels are, so to see them looking like little matchbox cars was kinda cool. I also got to see a field of windmills in the water – very cool from up above to see them all standing there in the rows (I wish I had had a camera to take pictures of them!).

Even though I lived in Ireland and dealt with the driving on the other side of the car, it always takes me a little bit to get used to the feeling when I visit of sitting on the left side and not having a steering wheel / brake peddles in front of me… foot makes that slamming gesture several times the first few minutes.

Interesting in that today my driver believes that he should be a Formula One / Nascar driver. He was whipping in and out of traffic, speeding up to block others trying to pass (even though we were already going about 85 mph). Even still it's a nice change to be driven around…..I have time to look out the windows and enjoy the scenery, horses, fields, waterways and even the cars and trucks that we whizzed by. The office is located about 1.5 hours outside of London…. near Newbury straight out the M4 from Heathrow around junction 13 or so.

Luckily I am only here for the day in the UK as next week I am 3 days in Zurich. But in between is a nice 4-day weekend! I am taking Friday off as a make-up day for having to work the public holiday on May 1st and then on Monday is another public holiday so it will be a nice relaxing weekend for me.

I do believe that is all for now. I am still working on the Anchor Magicline bag, and I am also working on a few other small projects. Perhaps on my 4 day weekend I will find some time to finish some more projects!

Ta-ta cheerio!!


Sara said...

That's the first thing my students noticed when we went to Spain in November: the wild drivers! I observed the same in France. Is it a Europe thing? (Of course, they may do wild things, but they seem to have a better idea of what they are doing than most US drivers lol)

elaines630 said...

I read or crochet on a plane too. I think its the best way to pass the time!

Enjoy your four day weekend!!!!

Bethel said...

The worst taxi drivers I have encountered have been in Chicago. Many of them had pictures of Saints or Crosses or Crusifixes and I THINK I know why!!