Wednesday, May 28, 2008


That is all I can say!


Thank you to everyone for all of your comments on my Weaved Hotpad.  I really enjoy the pattern and can only wish that I had posted it sooner!


Now that this one is off the hooks and onto the paper so to speak I need to start thinking about the next pattern.  No idea what it will be. 


I have been making a lot of "Play Yarn Food" so perhaps I will have to think of some items along those lines.  Although I keep having visions of doll size clothing in my head, so^perhaps I'll finally get around to making some Cabbage Patch clothes up.


We shall see!


Off the design front, I've started a few more projects the past fews days.  A few Play Yarn Food patterns for my niece, along with another DouDou (little doll in French) and some more odds and ends. 


One of these days I'll finish what I have already started.....just not today!


Anonymous said...

one last row on my last oval and then on to the weaving. i can see that this will be a favorite pattern for using up the leftover bits from all the other washcloths i knit. thanks for sharing.

marie in fla

aka mym on Ravelry

Yasmin said...

Looking forward to seeing your new projects and designs. I'm trying to get my hands on some cotton yarn to try out your lovely weaved hotpad. Will let you know how it goes

Mimi said...

I really want to make one or two myself, and plan to give it to my SIL (who's a pastry chef) for Christmas. And I'm looking forward to some play food patterns - that would also be great for gifts ;)

Pallavi said...

nice post..