Sunday, May 25, 2008

Road trip? I think not!

Or at least I will not be taking a Road Trip here in Europe...the US is a totally different story. I just might be able to afford that one!

I am sure all of you who are in the US must be thinking I am nuts right now. Right? I am sure that you are sitting there thinking "Gas is around $4 a way!"

But, the sad thing is, that is cheap. Honestly.

I filled my tank up last night. And spent 1.41€.....for a liter. That is 5.34 Euros a gallon....want to know what that is in US dollars? It costs me $8.41 USD for each gallon of diesel I put in my car.....and in Europe, diesel is the cheapest option! Unleaded would cost over $9 a gallon!

So, I'll continue to avoid any long trips by car here in Europe, and be doing a happy dance when I go to the US this summer and fill my tank up for half the cost for me =)


Sue said...

While our heads are spinning about gas prices, the news did a price per gallon around the world comparison. Europe is indeed a LOT more expensive than here. Ack! Ironically, gas is $0.45/gal in Saudi Arabia. *sigh* I told hub that I need a shiny new bicycle with a pretty wicker basket on thet front. Wouldn't that be pretty and practical?

Crochet Diva said...

I had heard that US gas prices were actually way cheaper than most places. I cannot imagine paying 9 dollars per gallon...

DAD said...

Hey Princess
The ONLY road trip you need to make is one last road trip HOME to the USA for good. Goodbye Europe Hello USA. Then it will be me who makes lot of road trips to visit you in Florida. lol

PeWee said...

Holey Moley girl! We are all destined to become hermits!