Monday, May 05, 2008

The end of another weekend.....

and lets just start off by saying that it was GORGEOUS weather here in Belgium for a change - yippee!! It was in the mid 60's to low 70's, with TONS of sunshine. We went for walks both days which was really nice as I was not having to huddle up next to Meti for warmth every time we stopped at a red lighted cross walk.

I know I have a lot of yarn floating around the house so I decided to do some organizing of my tubs with hopes of getting everything lying around the house into one of the tubs. I decided once again to sort it by fiber type as I believe that will make it easier to find.

It is almost finished now with some last little bits of re-arranging to do along with determining what exactly to do with all of the hooks, needles, accessories and other miscellaneous crafting goodness floating around the house.

I was talking to my mother while working on the last of shoving errr gently placing yarn into the last of the tubs. I explained what I was doing and then gave examples...

"So I have one large wool tub and one small wool tub, two tubs of small size ten thread, and one of size 5 thread. One large tub of kitchen and miscellaneous cotton, two small tubs of acrylic baby yarn, two large tubs of acrylic worsted weight, one tub of miscellaneous acrylic boucles and mixes, one tubs of fun fur and other novelty yarns and one tub of miscellaneous yarn......then I have a few containers of needles and hooks and...."

"Wait a have 14 tubs of yarn in your living room????"

" it really 14?"

"Yes, I was counting."


When in the world will I find time to use all of this yarn??? I really need to start de-stashing, but how can I give any of it away? It is all so precious to me and I am sure that THE perfect project is just around the corner for it.

Finished projects are coming though, have no fears. I'm going to London on Tuesday for a meeting, so hopefully something will be done by Wednesday!

Stay tuned!!!


Mimi said...

I totally understand having 14 tubs of yarn...(I would too, if I had the chance) I think collecting different yarns is a hobby in itself. Just keep them organized so you can appreciate your collection ;)

Marvie said...

That sounds like a lot of work! My stash is not organized. It is hidden in drawers and baskets. Once upon a time it was sort of organized by color families. I didn't have enough different types or weights to sort it that way so I did it by color. Now it's not even close to that. Someday I should maybe consider fixing the mess.

Or the next time you feel all organizational you can come for a visit! Yeah =) I'll take you to the beach and cook you dinner as a thank you/reward *g*

Mom said...

Since you are in a mood to organize things I have a huge bedroom downstairs that is FULL from floor to ceiling with your stored boxes and we can now only go about 3feet inside the door as you have accumulated more "stuff" not to mention the dining room ourfit with 6 chairs and buffet, plus the 6 X 8 foot section of boxes in the furnace room!!! When you come for your next visit, you can go thru that stuff and organize it and repack things so we can at least get into the room.
Better yet would be to come home and move it to your new house stateside :-):-):-)
Loves ya honey XXXOOO MOM

Vik said...

I wish we both could take a sabbatical year! No working and all crafting at a nice beach!