Friday, January 26, 2007

Argentina.....part Dos

(Part Two of my Argentina Vacation)

Plans were being made to meet Vik. We decided to meet in the food court of a mall by Vik's apartment in B.A. Vik joined me and Zori as we were just finishing eating and joined us for coffee where we began talking like we had all known each others for years! Our first 10 minutes were the same as our last 10 minutes together...full of laughter!

We ventured out to the yarn district where all three of us looked for bargains! I spent way more than planned and picked up some gorgeous wool, silk, and custom blended yarn! I was in yarn heaven - the colors were amazing and Vik of course showed us to all of the good shops to visit!

We went to dinner that night, and had a few drinks. As we were all having such a great time together, plans were made to meet together the next day to go shopping....and to go out on the town dancing!

I spent a small fortune shopping the next day as well! Ooops! The clothes were way too cute and it seemed that the stores were running could I turn down bargains?

We met again that night and went to a dance bar for an evening of fun with the three of us, along with a friend of Zori's from work, Pablo! Great fun was had by all, lots of laughter and the Argentinian guy who tried to steal my pizza found out, don't mess with an American and her food when she is starving!

Friday evening was spent going to dinner with Zori, Vik and one of Zori's friends. More laughter and good food!

My last day was spent very quitely....too many nights out on the town I fear! Vik joined us at Zori's apartment from where we left to take me to the airport. One perk of flying so much is that I am in the members program of American, so I was able to check in the Business line which saved a lot of time! This left us time to go and grab something to drink.

Amazingly enough we found out while sitting there that all three of us love the Sound of Music......the guy at the table next to ours was highly entertained with our musical performance of our Favorite Things! =)

It was very sad to leave, but we promised (with a very solemn and 100% binding three-way Pinky Swear) that we would all meet again....whether it be in Argentina or somewhere else!

Great times were had and wonderful friendships were formed.

My sincere thank yous to both Zori and Vik for taking time from both of your schedules to show me Buenos Aries. I had an amazing time and I really can not wait to go back again!

Now to get busy making something with my yarn purchase!


Pearlin said...

WOW!!!Looks like the trip was a Blast!!!I am soooooooooooooooo green rt now!!

Jenny Moore said...

Sounds like you had a great time! I'm so jealous of your yarn purchases! I've been cut off until I finish some of my WIPs... :(

Angel said...

You look like you're having such a wonderful time!! I'd be completely jealous of all that yarn opportunity if I wasn't just so happy to see someone enjoying it!

Vik said...

Hello Kimberly!
I´m back home and I have to read all the posts I missed last month! What a nice surprise to find this one!!! We had such a great time together! I´ll be e-mailing you soon, Vik