Saturday, January 20, 2007

Better late than never (part 1)

Okay, I have 2 minutes before I need to skedaddle for a few and find something to eat. I've spent the day shopping, reading and *gasp* crocheting! I've started a New Years Resolution today to finish some of my WIPs, including a VERY old one which many will remember once its finished!

So, anywho, here are some pictures from my trip home.....Argentina and the story is still to come.....yeah yeah, I'll get to it! =)

Whats a kid to do with his present while waiting for the go-ahead to open them? Utilizing them as building blocks seems and excellent thing to do!

Ah, rest and relaxation for a few minutes with my Mom as I work on finishing a Birthday present for my niece Gracie (she was born on the 26th). I finished a granny square blanket that I made with yarn purchased in Spain. I've been working on this blanket (sorry forgot to take a picture of the final - oops!) for over a year before I finished it. I started it in Europe, took it to Michigan, left it there. My parents brought it to Florida I worked on it some more. Back to MI it went where I worked on it this past August and FINALLY finished it just after Christmas! She loved it - its perfect for her Cabbage Patch kid that I gave her last year!

The only Christmas present scarf that I managed to finish this year went to my niece Megan. Lets just say that it was a HUGE hit. She refuses to take it off and even wants to sleep with it! Yup, its one of those fancy fur scarves, but shes 3, and loves soft fuzzy things, so I caved and made her another one.

Gee Grandpa....whats that I see? Wine? Ah! Lets just say I know where I get my love of alcohol from and I show the appreciation for that love every year at Christmas! My Grandfather said one year when I asked him what he wanted for Christmas "Save your money and buy alcohol" Well I took those words to heart and have followed his advice every year faithfully! Last year was a bottle of Calvados from Normandy.....they call it a digestive, but I think its really Rocket Fuel in disguise! This year was 2 bottles of Chianti Classico from Italy - yummm!

I once again tried to find a few minutes to spend with my niece Bekky on teaching her Crochet. I wish that I was closer and could spend more time as she really wants to learn! She is coming along nicely though!

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Mimi said...

Lovely pics, Kimberly! Such a wonderful family you have :)