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Saturday, January 20, 2007

Band wagon jumping....

Did your mother give you what seems to be an age old line "Because everybody is doing it??? If everyone was jumping off a bridge would you want to do that to???"?

Well, I caved in this time. I jumped on the band wagon that is being driven through blog land called Snap A cool little code that you add into your blog code and it allows the reader of the blog to see a pop up snap shot of the link when they scroll over more uncertanty on just where you will end up when you click a link on my blog!

So lets get down the whos who of bridge jumpers so far. Wendy jumped on first, and then like little sheepies we all followed.....Su, Deneen, Mimi, Sara

I am sure that there are more out there in blogland but these are the ones I've stumbled upon so far......


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