Monday, January 29, 2007

Weekend working...

I spent the weekend working on a few different projects. I finished a thread angel for my Grandma - now I need to find the right size ribbon to finish her off.

I also am half way through a doily, my WIP project is almsot finished - I worked on it yesterday while watching a few movies on my new DVD player. After living here for 4 years I decided it was time to buy one, and I managed to buy one that will play both my US and European DVDs on it....bonus!

My boss is coming in this week to do my review which should be interesting. I know that I've done a fine job of working my arse off the past year, but I also know that there are areas in which I need to improve, including time management and being realistic in what I can and can not I like to say, there is only one of me and only so many hours in the day!

I am also starting to try to lose weight again. I was at the doctor over Christmas and almost chocked when she said my weight. I've since lost 5 pounds, but I need to get more active....minimizing what I eat is not enough, I need to start going again to the health club - I lost 25 lbs when I did that after I first moved to Belgium. OKay, that weight lose was a combination of borderline depression, not eating and working out. I can skip the depression this time only issue is that when I am stressed, I like to eat and munch.....I did buy carrots this weekend so hopefully those can be my munchy stress food!

Have a wonderful week everyone! Hopefully I'll have some finished works of art to show off soon!


Jenny Moore said...

Sounds like you'e been busy! Look forward to seeing pictures!

Mimi said...

Hi Kimberly! I was going to post sooner, but something is strange - when I open your blog, my browser closes! I tried it several times for a few days...And I dont have the same problem with any other blog...Now I found out that that happens when I open the main page, but not on specific posts. Anyways, I read your posts on my bloglines feeds and I dont miss out on it. I enjoyed most of all seeing your pictures in Argentina with Vik. Glad to know you all had such a wonderful time there ;)

DAD said...

Lets DO IT together my Daughter. You must want it befor it can happen.