Friday, September 21, 2007

The 5 second update....

That is taking me hours to write! =) I started this post at about 11:00 this morning...its 2:06 right now.....I might finish it by, oh tomorrow I think!

Lots of things going on at work and lots of hours being worked. I am sneaking in crochet and knitting time here and there when I can.

Any actual progress you ask?


What? You want pictures and details as well? Sheesh!

Well, I crocheted some rows in the Larger Than Life bag bottom/side section in a traffic jam, weaved some ends on a conference call, and have started seaming the squares side by side. No pictures though.....soon.

In other areas, the WIPs have grown and shrunk.

Heres my most recent FO which I originally was making to go on my suitcase but in the end they have found a home on my computer bag which is identical to the other 75 lap-top bags in my office.

Next up is my current knitting project - crappy picture which I did not realize until just now. Its the Booga Bag and is being made using the wool I bought in Argentina last Christmas with my friend Zori and the ever famous Vik!

Did I post a picture of this? The yarn and the fabric I am using for my Fat Bottom bag which is also in progress! I have forgotten to take a picture but will once I have some more rows finished.

I also started an Octagonal Baby blanket but I am not liking the pattern.....I believe that it is missing some key instructions but I am still trying to sort out exactly what it is saying!

That is all for now! I am off to Zurich on Sunday for the week, so lots of work ahead and not a whole lot of crafty goodness!

Have a wonderful weekend!

ps Its now 5:18 and I am just finishing this post!


Anita said...

I LOVE the flip flop bag identifier! Adorable! Great plan to put it on your laptop bag!

Mimi said...

Cute suitcase tag!
Having a lot of WIPs could be fun too ;)

Lesalicious said...

Hi there popped in your blog. I am also a crocheter that would like to knit sometimes looks like you is busy here and there I know how that can be. Would love to see your finished projects on those bags. :) keep up the good work.

Jenny Moore said...

sounds like you've been a busy little bee. love those flipflops. with all my travelling i'm doing, i think i might need a pair too! there you go again, making me copy you. where did you find the pattern? or is it one of your own?

Anita said...

Just made one of these luggage tags! So cute and easy. Thanks for posting the link!

Vik said...

Cute tiny flip flops! Very nice!
We bought so much yarn that day, that I don´t remember the wool you are using now for the bag!
Miss you!