Monday, September 10, 2007

Sock knitting....or lack thereof

So, I have been working my courage up to wards starting some socks. I even went out and bought some more sock yarn in some awesome Regia Design Line Kaffe Fassett color-ways. I picked a pattern after tons of decisions and hemming and hawing. I woke up this morning and decided that today was THE day. I would tackle the unknown.

I grabbed the yarn. Found the pattern. Grabbed my trusty needle gage and the multi-set of double pointed needles I bought in China. Found the equivalent of the US 1.....started reading the pattern. Counted the number of needles in the set for the size I needed. Decided it was an issue with the pattern. Went to back-up pattern number two and number three. Drats! All of my sock patterns call for a glorious 5 lovely sets from China all have 4.

My only set with 5 is a size 8 set.

Its fate. No socks for me. At least no socks until I can hit the yarn store for needles!

So as a consolation I spent some time working on my project for International Crochet Day....and had a brilliant though while doing it. A lovely long waited for surprise is coming if I can only find the time. Will get back to you all on that one!

Hope everyone had a wonderful weekend!


Jenny Moore said...

lol. I know that problem with the sock needles well! I went through many many patterns where I either didn't have enough needles, or I didn't have the right size. Got so frustrating that I eventually ordered a kit from Germany - it had the yarn, the pattern AND the needles! Woohoo! Of course, I got through the heal of my first sock and decided I had had enough of 5 needles... have yet to pick that sock back up again. Maybe I'll bring it with me to Texas City this week and work on it at the airport and whatnot...

AmysBabies said...

Ugh, I haven't jumped into DPNs for socks yet, but I tried for the center of a shawl. I was not pleased. I think I am whole heartedly a magic circle girl for stuff that small. Oddly enough, I am fine with the larger DPNs.

Wendy said...

Can I help you? I looked up the yarn you are using and the suggested needle size for that yarn is a US 1 to a 3. I honestly would not suggest using size 1's for your first sock. I would suggest size 3's. I also would not suggest size 5's, though they might work fine.

What pattern are you using?

Anita said...

I've never asked you why you live in Belgium and how you traveled the entire world and learned so many languages!

I have no idea what you are talking about with 5 needles and knitting socks, but I'm facinated!

Any "clues" on your brilliant thought for International Crochet Day? PLEASE find the time!

MrsFife said...

We get all our dpns in sets of four, too. I have been known to buy two sets, just so I can have that fifth man er, needle. Also, the smallest I've been able to find has been 2.25mm (dunno what US size that is). After discovering Magic loop, it is my ambition to use that to knit a sock (socks seems too ambitious). The problem then of course is that the smallest circular I get here is 3mm. Not much help.
Oh, and that second sock syndrome? Vewy scary!

Vik said...

This is frustrating, Kim!