Monday, September 10, 2007

I'm sick - bleah!

Here we go.

The start of 3 looooong weeks at work while we rush to get the forecast and budgets done for next year and I started coming down with a headcold today. Right after lunch my throat started tingling and my nose started twitching. Next thing I know I'm sneezing and can barely breath due to the fact that my nose has becomes a backed-up faucet that just trickles out but never clears.

I do not keep cold meds at work so I popped a couple of advil in the faint hope that something is better than nothing, although I'm practically immune to the effects of ibuprofen so it was really just a mental effort to get well. I could take a placebo and have almost exactly the same effect occur. Too many years of surgeries needing high doses of pain meds combined with headaches and migrains resulting in a high tolerance to most pills.

The weekend crocheting went well. Nothing finished but progress made. I had planned on finishing some more tonight, but I fear that once I make it home I am going to pass out right after dinner. I made Taco Meat last night so dinner should be quick and easy to make....the boyfriend will be in charge of dishes thats for sure....and going to buy me more juice as I drank the end of it last night.

Will talk to you all soon! Happy Crafting!


Jenny Moore said...

i'm right there with you girlie! in a way, at least...started getting a sore throat the day before yesterday, added in a cough yesterday, and then the "faucet nose" today. i'm miserable. i only got 2 hours of sleep last night because of it, and then had to get on a plane this morning to work at a clients office all week! got here to realize that i left my power cord to my laptop at home. oops. and to top it off, i have to work with someone i don't get along well with. didn't help that she was laughing at me because i brought my tea with me either. meh. can't wait to get to the hotel and wallow in my self pity.

hope you're feeling well soon! and i would definitely put dish duty on the boyfriend. in fact, i would put dinner duty on him too!

Vik said...

Sick again? I´m sorry, Kim... Let the boyfriend organize everything tonight!

Last Saturady night we went to the movies with Zori and Pau. Later we had pizzas. And after that we went to have a drink to the Buenos Aires Hard Rock Cafe. WE MISSED YOU!

Anita said...

Sorry you are so sick! I feel for ya!

Mimi said...

Get well, Kimberly...hope you can rest a bit more than usual. You're so like my son, who most of the time suffer cold symptoms and so used to medicine pills, he had all sort of ailments - bronchitis, rhinitis, typhoid fever...etc, he also had ankle surgery. I think he has had too many antibiotics prescribed for him before...too bad.

MrsFife said...

Get well soon!!!