Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Helping put International into.....

International Crochet Day!

What? A holiday you have not heard about? The one and only Jimbo, hook carver extroadinaire has officially proclaimed Septmber 12th as International Crochet Day (Please don't tell my nephew Andrew his birthday is on Crochet Day.....he'll be traumatised as he already things his Aunt Kim is insane and obsessed with yarn but to celebrate crocheting on his birthday???)

I'll be one of many celebrating this fine holiday. In honor of International Crochet Day, my newest project will be unveiled on that very day in all its glory.

Also, as the Mayor of the City of Crochet, I am proclaiming that inhabitants, vistors and passer-bys MUST celebrate and take 2 minutes of silence to reflect on what crocheting means to them on this oh so perfect holiday on September worries - reminders will be posted!

A full listing of events will be posted soon that will be taking place in the Glorious City of Brussels, where the City of Crochet is currently based!


Anita said...

What a great holiday! Looking forward to all the events! I'll be there!

AmysBabies said...

YAY! There need to be more holidays like this :D

Jimbo said...

Great post! Thanks for the plug. I think we'll have a for real International Crochet Day thanks to YOU Kimberly!!

You're putting the "International" in Crochet Day!! Thank you Ms. Mayor!!

Big Hugs