Monday, November 14, 2005

Monday, Monday So Good to Me

Monday, Monday
Can't trust that day.
Monday, Monday
Sometimes it just turns out that way.

On Monday morning
You gave me no warning
Of what was to be.
On Monday, Monday
How could you leave
And not take me?

Happy Monday everyone...have you realized that there are only 40 days until Christmas? That is 28 working days and 12 weekend....Better get busy shopping and crocheting! I have given up any hope of finishing half of what I wanted to get done for Christmas!

First up! Pin a hello on my new Frappr map - I would love to see where everyone is from!

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Second - I am going crazy!!!!! I volunteered to be a pattern tester for a purse. Okay, not a problem, I can follow a pattern. But follow a pattern for a purse done in Size 20 SIZE 30 thread!?!?!?!?! I swear that my eyes are starting to cross!!! It is looking really good, and I have found some errors and typos in the pattern which is why I am testing it, but ugh! I will probably never volunteer to be a pattern tester again. There is the whole anal accountant side to me and having the errors in the pattern drives me nuts...even though my whole intention is to find any errors, when I do I spend hours looking at it and wondering if perhaps I am just reading it wrong, or I missed something in the last round or I am just plain awful at pattern reading and a 5 year old could figure it out faster than I am! lol deap breath.....hold more time...... Thanks, I'm all better now!

Third - Hi DAD! Hope that your knee is starting to feel better...listen to the Doctors and to MOM and don't be pushing it!!! At the very most, I'll put the Christmas lights up when I get home in December...okay, so they will only be up for a short time, but it is better that than you being your normal stubborn french-canadian self and doing too much and ending back up in the hospital for another knee surgery! Now nod your head and say "Yes daughter, I will do as you, with all of your great wisdom that was gained when you hurt your ankle advises."

I do believe that finishes it up for Monday! I hope to find time to finish the purse by next weekend, along with two scarves that I am working on and a few little odds and ends that sill need to be done (scrunchies, ornaments, snowflakes).


Jessica said...

Hey, I'm impressed that you can work with size 20 thread! I'm only willing to use size 5! :) Keep your chin up!

DAD said...

A Pattern tester?? A WHAT?? First you complain that your not going to have enough time to finish all your knitting/crocheting whatever it is, by Christmas cause you have so much to do. Now you agree to be a pattern tester?? I don't want to hear it. No more than I want to hear you try to lecture me on how to take care of MY knee, let us not forget FATHER knows BEST. Thats the final word. No the final words are pitch the pattern testing. lol.
Love ya Princess

Hunny said...

Happy Monday. I just wanted to let you know that my blog Hooks On Fire has moved to and will now be known as On Hooks and Needles! Thanks for reading. Love your blog I read it all the time through bloglines!!

Jenny Moore said...

I'm going right along with you for ditching christmas stuff. I think I MAY get half done! Course, with this Christmas Exchange, any my silly ideas for what to make for Diamond, I may not get that far. Good thing I got all my shawls done early!

Dad & Mom said...

Beware one & all who reads this BLOG, heed my words and be sure to click onto her Frapper account and follow directions, Otherwise beware as you may get an E Mail or worse yet an evil threatening phone call wanting to know why you did not log in to her Frapper account. Shees Daughters can be so demanding at times. anyway are you happy now Kimberly?? I complied with your wishes??? lol

Kimberly said...

LMBO Dad!!! What can I say - if you take the time to leave a snarky comment in your normal jack shit manner, you should expect a reply of some sort! And since you have so much time on your hands to make the snarky comment, you should expect a reply!! *hugs*

MOM said...

FYI MOM said no such thing, in fact I just now read my "supposed" comment. But I do agree that being a tester just isn"t in your time frame to get things finished honey. Keep at it though.

Donna's Crochet Designs said...

Wow, size 30 thread? I didn't know anyone crochet with such a fine thread. What next, sewing thread?
I just wanted to let you know that I know have and ebay store. You were kind enough to visit my amazon shop so I wanted to let you know. Thanks!

Brandee said...

As much as I want to be a pattern tester (cause I'm into praise) I dont think I'd want it size 30 thread bad! Good luck with it though!

Jessi said...

Ah!!! No more countdowns to Christmas!!! I'm having a freakin panic attack here!!!

Hilari said...

Hi Kimberly,

Thanks for the Thanksgiving wishes! Hope you have a great one in Brussels!