Wednesday, November 02, 2005

Still no computer!!!

Well its Wednesday morning....the Tech guy is coming this afternoon to look at my PC....I hope that he can work the magic he is so very good at and get it back up and running once again! I miss it! :)

Still no sign of my reveal package from my Secret Pal (who has been awesome I must say!!!) I am waiting anxiously for it to find out who she is!!! With the holiday here yesterday and the offices closed on Monday, it is possible that they are just running late with fear, it will be here soon I hope! I am so excited I am stalking the poor recptionist..."Is it it here?" She is about ready to ban me from the lobby I fear! lol

I finished the went really quick! I have never finished something that big in one day, but I did it in one evening! I must be getting quicker with my crocheting finally! I really want to keep it for myself so I do believe that I will be going out and buying more wool in that color to make one for me! Can not show pictures (sorry) since I have revealed who I am to her and do not want her to see it before she gets it!

I am finalizing plans to go to the UK (London & Liverpool) at the end of November to visit Russ and go to a football (soccer) match! It will be great fun if it all works out! I think that will be my only trip before I go to the US in December for the Christmas holidays! I had hoped to make it to Portugal, Budapest and Austria this year, but it does not look like that will happen....maybe next year! :)

Enjoy the rest of the week! Apologies for not commenting on many blogs....I am way behind without having a computer to use at home!

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Anonymous said...

the football match sounds like fun! i went to one in paris and had a blast! wish we had games like that in the states...of course, we have american football games, and while they're tons of fun too, the crowd just isn't as into it as they are in europe. have fun!