Wednesday, November 23, 2005

Why I am not finishing projects....

That's it, Christmas is around the corner and I am being lazy. I would love to crochet love, really I would. But if I sit in the living room on my couch, my computer screen would be my only light aside from the streetlights outside. In another twist to my wonderful week, I come home and flip on my kitchen light....nothing, nada, zip and zilch once again. Not one of the 4 light bulbs goes on. I move across the room to flip on the living room light (kitchen and living room is basically just one big room) to see if perhaps the maintenance guy finally showed up to fix that one (its been out for 1.5 months now and all of my complaining has not solved the problem) and absolutely positively not a speck of light! Being the brilliant person that I am, I scurry over to the fuse box (I actually know where it is) and check all of the little switch thing-a-ma-bobs and all are in order. So, no lights for me I guess at all in the main portion of my apartment.

I retreated like a mole to my bedroom. After fortifying myself with a cup of white pear tea from Faith, I look around me and stare in wonder. Scattered around my bed and floor surrounding my bed is 74, please count SEVEN FOUR projects in various states of completion (and these are just the ones that have migrated to my bedroom - the living room is another story!!. Sheesh! To think I wonder why I never actually finish something, it must e because I am constantly starting something and then spending the next two months switching between that and the other projects, working away a little at a time but never actually bringing anything to completion!

I guess we know what I am doing tonight! My goal is to finish at least two of these darn projects, and finish the next section of the size 30 purse (which is slowly coming together!)

UPDATE: Well, it is a little after 12 and I do believe I was fairly successful tonight. I blocked & starched the 5 snowflakes I made yesterday. I finished the fun fur scarf and started and completed the matching fun fur dolls scarf. I finished the thread bell I was working on - I really don't like how the pattern turned out, but c'est la vie! I have that sitting on a plastic cup saturated with starch....I have a feeling that the starch is not going to be enough for this one so I'll need to either find some stiffener / glue here or wait until I am back in the US. I finished 4 rounds on the purse, almost a full section, but not quite there. Night night!!

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Anonymous said...

Yay! Doesn't it feel good to finally finish some things. I can't wait myself.