Tuesday, November 29, 2005

My giggle for the day

Hi! I had a great trip to London - even managed to buy some yarn - yay!! More on my trip later, but lets just say that Marvie's prediction of bad travel came true! Thanks for the curses Marvie! *grin*

I just received the funniest message that made me giggle! Not too long after I moved to Belgium 3 years back, I put up a profile on an expat site for foreigners living in Belgium. I have from time to time received messages from other expats but none as.....lets just say amusing as this one! :)

Here is what someone sent me:

U r really cute chubby and homely. As u hav written i dont wonder y u make friends so easily. I think i too shud be added to that list.

I laughed so hard when I read that....who would ever write and tell someone that they are chubby and homely along with cute?

Lets see here....homely is described as "Not attractive or good-looking, lacking elegance or refinement" I would like to think that is not me, could be wrong, but I really don't think so! And Chubby????? I might be slightly overweight and could stand to lose 15 pounds, but I would not classify myself as chubby!

Sorry bud, you are not being added to my list of friends!

Have a great day and I'll try to post some pictures and updates on my London trip later!


Vik said...

I am laughing Kimberly!
But you know, maybe the writter is not English Speaker -like me!- and "homely" could be understood as "somebody who enjoys being at home"... About "chubby", not excuses!

Jessica said...

LOL! You're right - that's too funny to be insulting. :) And, just for the record, I wouldn't classify you as either homely or chubby!

Can't wait to see your London photos.

SheCrochets said...

Hee hee... I have actually heard several non-native English speakers misuse homely like Vik said. :-) Chubby has me scratching my head, though! Maybe they meant cutie?! (Ok, this is stretching the bad English skills...)


Kimberly said...

lol - I can accept the "at home" part of homely (although how he got that impression I am clueless since I had hobbies listed as "traveling, going out with friends, music, reading, dancing, swimming and volleyball") although in reality it is only partially true.....lately it seems that I am rarely at home and then its for sleeping!

I just verified with 2 of my colleagues, they also said the "likes to stay at home" when asked about homely (both said I don't know, but when pushed translated it that way) and the chubby part has even them stumped, even after I explained to them what chubby was!

Ahh, the fun of deciphering the meanings of non-native english speakers.....I can only imagine the fun that french speaking people have with my bad french grammar and vocabulary!

Anonymous said...

Oh my! I certainly hope that individual was being sincere! But their message is just wrong on so many levels!

Marvie said...

I'm sorry *hangs head in shame* I really didn't mean to jinx you! I really really am sorry! I even sent you positive energy hoping to counter any negative lol.

I giggled pretty hard about your message too lol No way could you be considered chubby... maybe he meant chummy? As in a good friend/person with lots of friends or something? Homely? Not in any definition/translation of the word lol. Cute, yes =)


**Heather** said...

My first hubby once told me "You are so cute, I could puke"

Wasnt too sure how to take that one my homely friend lol

MrsFife said...

You know...in India they use "homely" to mean someone who is sort of domesticated/girl-next-door (especially in matrimonial ads...as in "she is very fair,attractive and has sharp features.she is vivacious,lively and homely.she is a good cook.she brings happiness and prosperity where ever she goes. " OR "She is 5'3", fair,slim,beautiful homely and talentd " OR "I am a homely girl with very good family values" OR "Well spoken, cheerful, homely and also someone who loves to have fun!" OR "should be homely, down to earth in nature and soft spoken who can adjust in joint family"....You get the idea! Maybe your secret admirer is Indian...Can't decide about chubby, though!

Sara said...

I think you are a doll!

Jessi said...

he. hehehehe. ok, that is just funny. just.....funny. that was supposed to be a compliment? he. hehehehe.

DAD said...

All this time I thought the Bob Rivers CD I am Santa Clause has some of your favority songs in it. But I do this particular list of things. Someday you can read my list.

Anonymous said...

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