Monday, October 31, 2005

Computers stink!!!!!!!

Well my weekend was fairly eventful......spent Saturday shopping, only to come home and boot up my computer and receive the following error message:

Windows could not start because the following file is missing or corrupt: \WINDOWS\SYSTEM32\CONFIG\SYSTEM

Not good news here folks! My poor little laptop is suffering, and there is no one who can fix it for me until at least Wednesday.....if it is even fixable!!! I am praying that the tech guys can do something with it and at least get my files off it! If they can save my files, I'll happily have them totally erase the hard drive and re-build it! Keep your fingers crossed for me that some good news will happen!

I am in the office today so I could use my old spare laptop. Unfortunately it is too old to install my ADSL drivers on it, so I can not take it home with me and use it from there. It can still hook up to the office network which is what I am doing......a day off and I am in the office.....yuck! :)

I did take the down time from the computer to crochet some. I started on the doll blankets for my nieces, as well as another scarf and more ornaments. I am really liking the snowman marshmallow looking dudes - quick, easy and cute! I also started a scarf for my Holiday Gift Pal....not a hundred percent certain that I will send it - I am not really liking the pattern that much, but I love the yarn! Its acrylic (yes, ugh) but it is so soft I could not help but pet it after buying it on Saturday over and over again. I do need to contact her and see if she would mind receiving it a bit late....I can send it from here, but postage will be around 35 dollars for a package that size/weight! I am planning on flying home for Christmas around the 15th or 16th. I could easily mail it express the day I get home, but it might cut it close for receipt for Christmas. (Just looked, express mail, next day guaranteed is actually cheaper by 7 dollars to send the package!! Lets hope she will let me wait...its only 7 but then I could be sure that it would get to her!)

Oh, and I somehow managed to chip my front tooth. Its barely noticeable, but I can feel the rough edge on it....yet another thing to get taken care of while home in December! To make matters worse on it, its my real tooth and not the bridge tooth! I am hoping that they can just smooth the edges or something!


Anonymous said...

Per chance did we spend a wee bit too much time at the local pub one evening enjoying the local brew? A tad bit longer then we should have and since you don't have a clue on how your tooth got your front tooth chipped, I'll be liking my story and suggest a little less Gunnis from now on. lol. Dads are that way, thats why were Dads. Hope your computer is able to be fixed for you Princess. Shut the door.

Sara said...

I chipped a tooth in high school. It was only a small chip, so I didn't go to the dentist for it. It smoothed itself eventually.

Anonymous said...

wow - hope your computer is fixable! i would go crazy without mine!

love your little snowman ornaments. where did you get the pattern?


Vera said...

Our computer recently crashed, but Pat fixed it, and I'm back on line.

Looks like you may need to reinstall Windows.