Thursday, October 13, 2005

Happy Birthday Daddy!!

Happy Birthday Dad!!

I am so lucky to have been given two such wonderful parents. Both you and Mom have always been there for me, ready to cheer me on as I tried whatever I put my mind to, and ready to dry my tears on those occasions when I fell - telling me to get back up and try again!

Than you so very much for all of your love, support, guidance, opinions, belief in me, caring, nuturing and at the end of the day, thank you for just being my father and my friend!

I love you Daddy!

Your Princess

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DAD said...

Thankyou for the Birthday wishes my Daughter AND you did it on your Blog. Next year we can cellebrate it together? Gee I feel special. and Its you who are so very special to your Father & Mother. We are the ones who were blessed with 3 wonderful talented daughters. You are each unique and talented in your own special ways and yet so much like your MOTHER. ouch. Perhaps next year we can spend all our Birthdays together as well as the Hollidays. Thanks again you BRIGHTEN my day.