Friday, October 14, 2005

Swap Updates!

Well, I've been busy as always with Swaps and the like over at Crochetville. Actually a little bit too busy at times! I keep fearing that I am forgetting to do something, but can not think of what it is! Eeek!

Anywho, here is an update on the status of my swaps:

Stitch Marker Swap - Have received markers from 3 of my 4 partners (thanks so much again - I love them all!!). I have finished creating mine, packed them up and as of this afternoon, mailed them off to their recipients....I hope that they all like them! I was so nervous about one set getting crushed that I got creative and packed them in a mint tin...hey, whatever works right??

Blue Squares Too Swap - I am FIANLLY done with all of those pesky squares and tying in those little ends! I stopped on my way home tonight and bought tags for the squares, so I spent 30 minutes filling those out and attaching them to the squares! I should be able to get to the Post Office again tomorrow morning and get those mailed out as well!

Autumn Secret Pals - I have been having a blast with the Secret Pals! I am so glad that I signed up for a second round! I can not wait to find out who my SP is! I am in the process of putting together the reveal package for the person that I have as a SP - I really wanted to make several items for her, but have ran out of time! I did pick up some awesome yarn that I sooooo badly want to keep for myself....I will be good and send it on to her though!

Tea & Coffee Swap - I am already having fun with this swap, and its only just started! I've been sending e-mails like crazy out to my various partners (I am sure that they are all getting sick of hearing from me! Lol). I bought some items tonight on my way home and spent some time tonight dividing the loose leaf tea into smaller portions and gathering up the other tea that I have. I think that I have gone a bit overboard on the teas that I am sending! And I have not even gotten out to buy any chocolate yet! (did you think that I could send tea without sending chocolate?????)

Ornament Swap - I am still waiting to find out the names of my Swap Partners. Once I know, I will begin to crochet like a mad woman in order to get them all done in time! I am still searching for some patterns to use - have some ideas in my head, but finding all of the materials I want will be a challenge!

Holiday Gift Exchange - This one will be happening in November / December time frame. No partner yet! :)

Scrunchy Swap - I am still debating on joining this one....would be fun and scrunchies are very practical.....especially since I've been in the process of growing my hair out for almost 2 years now!

I think that is all of them.....I hope that is all of them.....


SheCrochets said...

Ok -- majorly impressed on the amount of swaps you are in! I have yet to join one Crochetville swap... I am afraid of the time involved, etc. But if you can do a BAZILLION, I could probably do one, right? ;-)

Anonymous said...

Wow - you're quite the swapaholic! And I thought I was bogged down with swaps! No way would I have that kind of time! Good luck getting them all done!


Vik said...

I can't believe all the swaps you joined Kimberly! :)

Jessi said...

Geez are going to be busy busy busy!!!! Man, too bad I'm not in your tea swap group ;)