Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Mid week update.....nothing exciting

Happy Wednesday!

My week has been flying by it seems! I really dislike having to get up at 6:30 everyday so I can leave in time to miss traffic on my drive to Lessines in the middle of the Belgian countryside.....lets just say I see lots of cows every day!

The training is going good so far and is picking up in terms of being interesting after starting out with what was for me a refresher course on a software package I already knew! I really am learning a lot and even better, what I am learning will have good marketing value for my resume should I decide to ever leave the company! I am not planning on leaving them, but returning with them to the US probably, but I will keep working for them.

I read a disturbing article about women professionals. it seems that due to the growing trend of going to university, wanting to start and focus on a career, gaining more high profile positions, choosing to work in other locations etc etc etc has led to an increase in woman who are getting married later in life, not having children, choosing often to have kids via artificial insemination at a sperm bank........ I really do not want to be another statistic in this growing trend......anyone know a nice guy late 20s to mid 30s?? *grin*

I am over half done with my thread snowman..... I like the design in the acrylic but I am not liking it too much in thread....pain in the, wait, that's a pain in my fingers. I thought that my finger was going to go numb from the number of time that pesky tiny metal hook bit into it.....started to resemble a pin cushion...nah it looked like a thimble with lots of little dimples in it!!! I will persevere, finish the one and probably not finish a second one...unless he turns out so darn cute that I can not resist making more, even with the pain!

I am feeling a bit bad about my secret pal package - I have not found the time to finish it up and get it mailed out - it does not look like this will happen until at least next week! This weekend is filled up because I have a friend from London coming to visit and we are going to travel and see possibly Cologne Germany and part of Belgium. Should be good fun and nice to catch up.

Wow.....looking back, the word "I" was used 20 times....that's a whole lot about me! So hows your week going?


Jessica said...

You're blog is about you. I see no problem with you using "I" so much. :)

Sounds like you're time in training is productive, at least, even if the drive there and back is a pain. And hey - I get up at 5:00 am every morning, so don't call 6:30 early. :)

Vera said...

Those "Professional Women End Up Lonely" articles always get my goat! They never mention how many women marry due to pressure and end up miserable with a husband and children they dislike. I know some women who would give anything to take the time to make the right choice.

I married at 38 years old to a wonderful person, so I'm glad I waited. However, I was very willing to be single too.

Do what's best for you--be it career or family--and don't let any dopey article make you feel bad. You'll make the right choice at the right time when it's right for you.

'Nuff said.

Vik said...

I agree 100% with Vera!
But if you want, visit Argentina and I´ll introduce you some good-looking funny intelligent single men! Just let me know! :)

DAD said...

U Need not go to Argentina to meet men. A visit possably but to meet men thats a real NO. Also U need to see your Dad's what Kimberly needs list first and as they say read & head. Father Knows Best. But let us not tell that to your Mother.
Love ya