Monday, October 03, 2005

I'm back from Rome and still alive!

Just a quick check in to say hello. Rome was great - I was sick and not feeling 100% but I had a great time none the less! Pictures will be coming - I promise!! Only disappointment was my inability to find any yarn - had I been a sewer or quilter I would have been in heaven!! The fabric shops were amazing!

Crocheting - I finished two doilies - one of which I must have frogged about 50 times - it just did not want to get finished! I sat on the couch yesterday and whipped together two fur scarves for my nieces for Christmas for the dolls that I bought them - they match the scarves that I made for them to wear!

I received the color cards from Knitpicks that I ordered after talking with Jessi - I love them!! I can not wait to plan my first purchase from them!

I also received the stitch markers from Kathy - again, will post pictures later - thanks Kathy!! I really like them!

That's it for now - short and sweet! I am taking my parents out to dinenr tonight to Le Fruit De Ma Passion - my favorite french restaurant - I hope that they like it!!!


Jessi said... ordered the cards. See? Aren't they cool? The magazine never came yet?? Thought you were supposed to get it Thursday with your mail?? :( I hope it gets there soon.
Glad you had a good time in Rome, and I hope you're feeling better.

Heather said...

OH MY GOD!!! Kimberly, I too am waiting for stuff that I ordered A LONG TIME AGO from that same blogger!!!

ACK!!!! I am so sorry you have to deal with this crap... TOO!!!

Hugs and thanks for the birthday wishes!

Anonymous said...

I wanted to order the color cards too! But, my hubby wouldn't let me. :( Are the yarns everything you dreamed they'd be?

Glad you enjoyed Rome, but so sorry you aren't feeling well! Hope you feel better soon!


(soon, very soon, I can sign my real name!)

Vik said...

Can't wait to see the pictures of the dolls with scarves!

~drew emborsky~ said...

I had the same misfortune in Rome last monthy, not the sick part, the not finding the yarn part. LOL Found a great place in Barcelona though if you get down that way anytime soon.

~drew emborsky~ said...

by "monthy" of course I meant "month".... sheesh...

DAD said...

Kimberly/MY Daughter
Had a GREAT time with you and like all things good it had to come to an end. BUT we will always have our memories and they were great ones. from the red light district of Paris you had you Mom & Dad spend the night in to the pidgon I ended up eating in Rome. It was all fun, and we really enjoyed it. Thankyou for making it such a memorable/wonderful time. God put sunshine into our lives and we called her Kimberly.