Monday, October 10, 2005

I've been a wild rover for many a year....

Well, my roving days are done.....for at least 2 weeks! :)

Ireland was great! We were fogged into the Brussels airport on our way there, so we were a good 2 hours late arriving into Dublin. We rented a car and away we went off into the countryside! I drove the first day out there - had a little Ford Focus that drove really nicely...oddly enough it was easier to drive and shift than the BMW that we have driven here in Brussels. I think the whole 4 days I only stalled out twice - once during a construction stop when I was not paying attention in the stop-go traffic and a second time at a corner when turning!

Here are a few pictures from our voyage around. They include - a view from the half way point on Croagh Patrick (Mt. Patrick), the mountains around County Mayo, Irish mountain sheepies (the pic of me with them seems to have gone AWOL), the typical Irish "traffic jam" as a farmer moved his cows from one field to another, and a view of moi and one of the 4 rainbows that we saw (what is Ireland without rainbows, pots of golds and leprechauns - if you look closely to the left of this rainbow you can make out the beginnings of a second rainbow!!)

Now, what I am sure that you have all been waiting to read...I found a yarn shop and bought WOOL!!! I bought a giant skein of a neat navy blue wool that has variegation's in it - the lady told me it was for knitting only, but I don't see why I can not crochet with it! I also bought 3 skeins of a soft pale pink color to make a baby blanket for an unknown baby! I know enough people in the baby making time of life that someone is bound to get pregnant with a long as its not me, all will be good! :) I have to still unpack - will try to post a picture of the wool later.

Mail update: Huge thanks go out to Jessi for sending to me the Family Circle easy crochet mag - it was waiting for me today when I got into work! Can not wait to get home and sit down with it for a read!

Off I go to read some blogs.....with over 200 posts waiting to be read, I do not think that I will be able to comment on everyones blogs...apologies, but at least I will be reading them all!


DAD said...

Nice rainbow Daugher and glad to hear your running all over Europe days are over for awhile anyway. You keep spending my ROI. lol. Nice pictures and glad your back safely and had a good time. Hey maybe you should make that baby blanket for yourself. Never know get the cart first and whoknows. Mr right maybe just around that USA corner. Always keep it in Mom's hope chest. Cause we keep hoping lol. enought jocularity (sp) for now. We love ya Princess.

Vik said...

Kimberly what a nice trip!
I enjoyed your shopping and can't wait to see pics from the wool!

Jessi said...

Wow! Love the pics!!! Um..what is the red on the sheepies? I am still jealous though. That's really awesome that you found some wool. Can't wait to see what you make of it!
Glad that the mag got there safe. Took long enough!