Wednesday, October 05, 2005

What is Crocheting????

Thanks to Sarah for introducing me to Googlism!

Since she searched out what Knitting is, I of course had to search out what Crocheting is:

crocheting is for everyone
crocheting is my stress reducer
crocheting is a passion of mine
crocheting is one pastime that prisoners may undertake while in their cells (hence Martha's poncho LOL)
crocheting is very easy
crocheting is still a popular pastime for women and some men too
crocheting is a wonderful craft/art
crocheting is one of the most fun and interesting types of needlepoint
crocheting is just plain fun
crocheting is like an art
crocheting is one of the easiest crafts to accomplish
crocheting is used to make all types of things from roses to decorative towels
crocheting is beautiful and very creative
crocheting is a deep passion for me
crocheting is not just for grandmas
crocheting is cool
crocheting is how to hold the hook
crocheting is so easy and rewarding that you may become obsessed and find yourself doing it in all sorts of odd places such as the subway or restaurant (Who me? Nah, no way!)
crocheting is many different things to many different people
crocheting is a reference to everyday work
crocheting is a wonderful hobby
crocheting is an interest of mine
crocheting is a nice and peaceful pastime that is traditionally seen as something fit for ladies
crocheting is still going strong
crocheting is a dying art (I don'so)
crocheting is more satisfying than sitting behind a computer screen
crocheting is about the only thing i can do
crocheting is my art
crocheting is kinda like knitting but its not
crocheting is my main passion besides my husband
crocheting is centuries old
crocheting is my meditation and i never cease to be amazed at the peace it gives me when i devote sufficient time to it
crocheting is becoming a lost art
crocheting is great

Some I agree with, some I don't. For shits and giggles (can I say that on here???) I did "What is Crochet"

crochet is only fun until someone loses an eye (huh? is someone crocheting differenetly than me?)
crochet is dead (really. I had not noticed)
crochet is back
crochet is a "simple" technique and "surely must" have been discovered earlier
crochet is fun
crochet is its own art form
crochet isn't work
crochet is cool
crochet is done very often for monetary purposes (Really? whos getting paid decent money?)
crochet is an easy technique that can have stunning results
crochet is derived from the middle french word croc or croche (sounds like a bunch of croc LOL)
crochet is a 1958 graduate of louisiana state university with a degree in art education (huh???)
crochet is more popular than ever with great new stitches
crochet is certainly an art form


Heather said...

Yes, you can say shit on your blog... he he he... just dont say it in email i guess!

Love your post on the heels! I am 5'7" and anything over a flat shoe I am totally gigantic! lol

Some of those crocheting is things are just wonderful! Makes me remember why I crochet... yes thats right... Im practicing for prison. HA HA!!

Hugs Girl!

Vik said...

I enjoyed this list!
I would add:
"Crocheting for others is love"

ladylinoleum said...

This is interesting...oh and thanks for telling me about Herman!