Wednesday, October 05, 2005

How can I wear that costume????

Mimi posted a comment on how I could wear the Geisha costume...Frankly, she is right! Now, lets put this into perspective. I am on a slouchy day 5'6 on a stand up straight day 5'8. Add to that what looks to be 3 inch platforms with an additional 3 inch heel, that makes me 6'2. How the heck do you walk in those shoes? I have issues with my 3 inch heels lately (darn cobblestones!!) I would be a walking disaster waiting to happen...Add to it that really short (and tight) skirt which might look just a wee bit odd with my slightly out of shape! Cute as it may be its not my ideal Halloween Costume!

I am flying back to Ireland tomorrow. It is Zori's birthday and we are renting a car and taking off for the west coast. Do you know what that means? Lots of sheep and the really high potential for YARN!!!!!! And not only yarn, WOOL!!!!! I can not wait! Now, lets just hope that I remember how to drive a stick shift car on the WRONG side of the road! Eeek!! It should be an adventure to say the least...especially since its me and Zori - things never go exactly as we plan!


Anonymous said...

You never cease to make me jealous! You just got back from Rome, and now Ireland?!?! Take me with you!


Jessi said...

Oh day, I will see the rolling green hills, drink some guiness, frolic with the snot. I am so jealous. Yarn...Wool...from Ireland. *sigh* You better have pics!!!!!

Mimi said...

Oh so sorry, Kimberly! I have to rephrase what I said earlier: "how in the world can anyone of us wear that?"...that is really what I meant ;)