Monday, October 17, 2005

What Kimberly Needs......

I have been reading several blogs today doing a meme about needs.

Heather's Needs Kari's Needs Deneen's Needs Natalie's Needs

So the basic concept - go to google and search on your name plus needs in quotations i.e. "Kimberly needs" You're supposed to post something like the first 5, but these are the ones that I found....interesting!!

Kimberly needs to eat something and keep her ugly mouth shut, she is so superficial and can't keep her legs closed. ***I think they got that backwards on what I need to do!!!***

Kimberly needs to continue sitting in the waiting area ***I hate waiting***

Kimberly needs a woman in her life ***Oh really? Imagine that....As long as its a personal maid***

Kimberly needs all five of her riders around her at all times! ***5 at all times.....Kinky***

Kimberly needs to get the media on her side, she seduces an overeager
newscaster with a line from a cheesy porn movie ***That means I must have watched the porn film to begin with.....and why am I in the media??***

Kimberly needs help in dealing with the situation with Rick ***Who is Rick????***

Kimberly needs to hitch a ride to the park ***I'll catch the next tram***

Kimberly needs to take some chances and mix things up a little....she also needs to shut up shut up ***Why does everyone keep telling me to shut up?***

Kimberly needs a stable environment to help her address her problems ***Oooohhhh - I got problems!!***

Kimberly needs Professional Help, Again! ***I had help a first time????***

Kimberly needs her mouth washed out with soap for her bad language ***I do not have bad language! Putain!***

Kimberly needs a lot of TLC and I know you're the one who can give it to her, but for gods sake chain her to that bed ***Chains and a bed.....sounds interesting***


DAD said...

I think it takes her Dad to tell Ms. Kimberly what she needs. Stay tuned for a REAL list of what my Daughter neeeds. I know you can hardly wait. Tune in tomorrow folks for THE LIST.

Anonymous said...

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