Monday, October 24, 2005

Waving hello!!

Hi everyone! Miss me? I can not believe that I've not posted anything in almost a week! Its been crazy here! My training went really well - lots to do now because of what I learned! As if I did not already have enough on my plate to do!

Friday night I went to my friend Genevieve's for our monthly dinner. Had a nice time until I had to leave to go to the train station....why the train station? My friend Russ who lives in London took the train over for the weekend to visit! We had a really nice time together. Saturday we drove around Belgium - I took him to Waterloo so her could see the hill and Lion monument, and then we drove on down to Mons where they had a horse show in their Grand Place....not the reason that we went, but nice to see!

Sunday we managed to get going at a more decent time and we drove the 2 hours to Cologne Germany. Saw the Cathedral there, walked around the town some and then found a nice Irish pub where we could watch the football matches. Happy to say that my team, Newcastle, won their game 3-2 over Sunderland and while Russ's team, Everton, did not win, they tied 1-1 against Chelsea which is the best team in the Premiership.....Everton is currently ranked last! Great job for them!

We drove back to Brussels last night, and I dropped Russ off at the train station this morning while on my way to work!

Well, that was my weekend. Now yet another fun week at work! I have my tea swap packages all set and ready to be mailed out! Along with my reveal package for my Secret Pal! I hope to be able to get to the post office tomorrow or Wednesday at the latest!

Promise not to tell? I signed up for another swap! Bad me, I know! But Cordelia is hosting a Scrunchie Swap so I just had to jump in and join...especially since my hair is growing out so well! 2 years now since I last had a major haircut!

Ta ta for now! I am off to work on the pile of things to do that seems to be growing at an alarming rate here at work! Have a great week!


Jessica said...

SOunds like you've been busy but having fun!

Dad said...

What does joining ANOTHER swap thing and your hair growing out have in common??? What the only way your hair grows is if your swapping. Thank God your not married. lol. Just curious on how the two connect.

CraftyCritter said...

Oh boy MEN....LOL Just kidding Kimberly's Dad....heres the connection....Kimberly will be making scrunchies......and then she will swap with someone who also made scrunchies...THEN Kimberly will have scrunchies to hold back the hair thats growing from her not having a hair cut....Trust me with womens logic it works....and yes it would be simpler for her just to make herself some...but once again its a girl thing or an obsessive yarny thing. LOL
Hey look Kimberly, I can post! Aint you sorry now? Sorry I was so tempting with the scrunchies...hehe

Jessi said...

Wow! Sounds like you had an awesome weekend!!! I have sworn off swaps for a little while (we will see how long that lasts) ;)

Kimberly said...

Sheesh Dad! I agree with moms comment on the phone - you don't have a clue what scrunchies are and you make a smart mouth comment!!!! Sheesh! Love ya anyways!

Thanks Cordelia for enlightening my father on the scrunchie swap!