Monday, September 11, 2006

The Belgian Beer Festival Pictures!

Here we go folks.....I finally got the pictures downloaded off my phone. My cord is still MIA so I beamed them over using the infra-red port...lets talk about a sllllooooooowwwwwww process that one was!

As my public service announcement:

The gang from the first night:

Me and Russ:

Glasses of all shapes and sizes:

You are not seeing things on that last glass! It has finger grips and is shaped for a perfect pour into your mouth! Called Le Meme Chose in French, in English it is The Same Again!

See you there next year!


MrsFife said...

Could be the things I'm preoccupied with right now, but that finger-grip glass looks a teeny bit like a pregnant lady :)
I'm also curious about the er, bulbous glass. What is the stated advantage of that shape? And you'd have to carry around the stand as well, wouldn't you?
Are you collecting/buying those as souvenirs for people back home? That would be cool, no?

Kimberly said... might look a little bit like a pregnant lady!

As for the Kwak Glass, it is made with that shape to allow the corerct amount of aeration in the glass. And you do have to carry the holder around with - you can actually drink the beer without removing the glass from the holder - an all in one deal!

I am slowly adding to my collection of glasses as I live in Belgium when I find a neat glass to add to my collection or a type of glass that has a memory attached to it! Last year I bought the Kwak Glass (the one in the stand) and the beer of course and took it back to the US.

Kelly said...

Thanks Kimberly for sharing! The pictures came out great, and it looks like everyone was having a grand time. Wish I was there. :D