Friday, September 01, 2006

C'est la rentrée!!

Its September, so that means school is back in session here in Belgium.....idiot students are walking randomly across roads, dodging cars, attempting to get run over by trams and buses.....what fun it is to be driving a car here!

I slightly modified my goal of having 50% of my WIPs done before I start my CAL and KALs for September. Instead I have joined Wendy in a challenge to have ALL WIPS done by the end of Sept! I can do it!! Well, perhaps! It is budget season here for me in bean counting land so that means lots of hours and travels to Zürich.

I did finish 3 snowflakes, one turtle (parts done, needs to be assembled) two repeats on the afghan and more work done on the cross stitch! The flakes still need to be blocked, I've decided to wait until I have a god number of them and do them all at one time. I will try the sugar water again as it seemed to work wonderfully last year.

This weekend is the Belgian Beer Weekend (here is last years pics and my summary about Belgian Beer) - what fun!! My friend Russ is coming in from the UK for it, and a large group of us from work will be there. Should be once again an interesting weekend!

I fly to Zürich on the Monday morning 7:30am flight - my boss said that we would have a whisper only Monday and that sunglasses would be allowed to be worn! =) I just might need the sunglasses and the whispering for the first part of the day!

Have a great weekend everyone! I will try to take pics to share with everyone! Happy crocheting, Knitting and whatever else you may be doing!


Wendy said...

You are off to a good start! You can do it!

Deneen said...

WIP's and Belgian Beer Festival-somehow the two don't seem to go together-LOL

Have a great time!

Vik said...

Hey Kimberly, are we getting old that students bother us?! I feel the same as you!!!
I´m enjoying the Garterlac Dishcloth knitting! You were absolutely right about its addiction! You just can´t stop knitting to see how it goes!
Happy weekend and have a safe flight on Monday!

Wendy said...

Oh and drink a few for me!

Pyo said...

too funny! try not to hurt idiot students though!

Dad said...

So? How was Belgian Beer Festival AND how was Russ??? Did you have some FUN. Shure would like to see your results on WIP's after a day or night at the Beer Fest. I'll bet you and them never met this past weekend.
Hope your week in Zurich is going well.