Saturday, September 16, 2006

The Sarcelle Pattern...first glance

Several of you have been wondering on the Sarcelle pattern that I bought yesterday.

I've looked through the pattern, and while the stitches used are fairly straight, here is where I think that I am going to be challenged:

The first note references that is worked on the bias - ummm, I might be a little bit obtuse here but can someone explain this statement to me? I know what a bias is...As in you have a bias against something, but what is it referring to in this usage?

The pattern instructions were written using a combination of written instructions and a chart - the instructions refer you to knit specific rows of the chart. I am not that comfortable with charts, although a knit chart for me is a lot easier than a Crochet chart!

Overall, from my first glance I would say that a beginner / easy knitter would struggle with this pattern...I feel that I am going to!

I'll try to get it on my needles relatively soon and give an update on my opinion once I start to take a stab at it!

Swapna - what is your opinion on the pattern? I think that you are a bit more advanced in the knitting front than me, so you might have a different opinion!


Wendy said...

I bias is like a diagonal. It would be like working from lower bottom right corner of the shawl to the top left corner.

Secondly, when you read a knit chart, the first row is read from right to left. The second row is read from left to right.

MrsFife said...

What Wendy said about the bias. So I guess we will start from one corner of the shawl and increase till we're happy with the width, then decrease to end. Sounds simple, nein?

*looks around warily* c(Shh! Don't tell anyone, but I'm quaking in my slippers (I don't wear shoes at home) after my first look at the pattern. But if we are going to do this together, hopefully we can conquer it. And did you see, the designer in the Harlot's blog wearing it!!!

What yarn have you chosen?

I'm more or less certain I shall work with the laceweight cashmere. Not sure if I have the correct size circs, but I Shall Manage.

Kimberly said...

Thanks Wendy!!

Oh yeah, it wounds simple.....what am I thinking that I can do this shawl?

Yarn...eeek! I think that I am going to do it in some Knitpicks yarn I am sure that I have around here somewhere. I just need to find it in my stash first, and then I can tell you what it is! =) If you don't hear from me in a day or two you can assume that I have fallen into my stash and gotten lost....send search and rescue parties after me.

Anonymous said...

On the bias: knitted from one corner to the other corner kinda of diagonally.

The pattern is beautiful--I am sure it is going to go okay :)...slowly but surely, I am sure that if you email the designer that she will give you a hand.

Kristi said...

Yes, definitely email me if you have trouble, and I can give you a hand! Sounds like the "on the bias" part was basically answered. If you've knit Clapotis, that was also on a bias, if that helps ...