Thursday, September 21, 2006

Nephew conversation = Stash Fears

As I've mentioned, I am very close to my 6 year old nephew even though he lives in the US. Hes my Little Man. We talk on the phone several times a week with updates and the usual 'When are you coming home again' questions.

He had his birthday Sept 12th, and I had totally forgotten to buy him a present when I was home in August and leave it for him to open. I called him 2 weeks before his birthday and gave him the option of my sending him a present in the mail or waiting until Christmas and we'd go shopping together to buy it. The shopping (to Toys R Us) won out over a present now.

While talking on the phone yesterday we had an interesting convesation that shows he listens to me and remembers everything.

Me - What we doing when I come home for Christmas?
Andrew - Going Shopping. To toys R Us.
Me - Really? What are we going to buy there?
Andrew - My birthday present....We can buy something for you too Aunt Kim.
Me - We're going to buy me a toy?
Andrew - No, we can go buy you yarn!
Me - Why yarn?
Andrew - Because your favorite thing is yarn, yarn, yarn and more yarn.
Me - And how do you know that?
Andrew - Because I know. You really like it. We can buy you what you like if you give me the money.
Me - We'll see.
Andrew - You have lots of secret yarn in Grandmas basement that you never use, you can get some there.

LOL - even my nephew knows where my stash is hidden - its really not safe at all! And hes a boy whos not remotely interested in yarn at all.


Deneen said...

They are sponges and take everything in (especially stuff you don't want them to know). Elena forgets nothing either and the whole Toys-R-Us thing would have her bouncing off the walls til Christmas.

Lani said...

LOL -- lots of secret yarn in Grandma's basement, eh? What cuties they are, and Deneen is right they are SPONGES.

Vik said...

:) I´m smiling... thanks for sharing such a wonderful conversation!
I love LOVE the countdown days until your visit here!!!

Marvie said...

hehe not so secret is it? I adore hearing the things kids come out with lol. But, he's right on one count even if he didn't realize it or say it, if you shop from your secret stash you would have more money to spend on his birthday gift *G*

Kimberly said...

Yeah *blush* lots of secret yarn. I'm not even sure if my Mom knows exactly how much yarn I've stashed errr put down there!

He tried to wheedle two presents out of me from our trip to Toys R'Us but I told him that I would pick his Christmas present out on my own. I'm kinda scared at what hes going to pick....this might be one expensive birthday present!

Kelly said...

How cute! I agree they don't forget when it comes to shopping for them. It's nice that he didn't forget what you like as well.

My nephew shares the same birthday. Nice coincidence.

Pink said...

Funny and cute...just the way nephews and nieces should be!

Yasmin said...

Lol! Thats so precious ! These little mites are smarter than we think ....they do know many secrets.

pearlin said...

LOL!!!!so cute!!!!

Mimi said...

Oh, he's adorable!