Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Patterns, patterns everywhere....

And of course, NOT the one I want!

I spent last night going through stacks of patterns, skimming page by page through instructions books, the Crochet bible, Knitters instructions everywhere!

I've signed up to do a Scarf Exchange. Dumb butt me. You would have thought that by now I would have stopped signing up for things like this, but of course I still do. Its not that I hate sending things to others, I hate the pressure I feel behind those gifts.

Is it something that they will like, is it the right size, the right color, the right pattern. Will they hate it? Is my crocheting skills pathetic and are they going to laugh at what I send. The pressure for perfection is on me every time. And every time I agonize over what I am sending.

Now I'm feeling the pressure to make THE perfect scarf. I've been swatching and digging through my stash. Trying to find the time to go to the yarn store to see if she has something that is going to scream "use me use me" to create the perfect scarf.

I am by no means close to a decision on final yarn type, color or pattern. The only limits I have is that it can not be wool or mohair and it has to go with a black coat, preferably red, blue or purple.

I had though something in this pattern but I can not figure out for the life of me the stitches used - anyone else? (sorry that its sideways)

I origianlly thought it might be a form of broom stick lace and started 2 swatchs of that:

Then I dug through pattern books and found this pattern, but I'm not really liking it: (sorry that its sideways)

I know that I can do the One Skein Crochet Scarf fairly quickly & nicely, but I wanted something different. I've poured through the books, looked at crochet and knit patterns. Nothing, nada, blah and drab. My creative muse is missing, if someone finds her please send her back before I start having anxiety attacks on this scarf.


Jenny Moore said...

Oooooh, I like that broomstick lace stitch! I might have to find the instructions for that and figure out something to make with it. Very nice.

Try not to stress too much about making something absolutely perfect. For most people, just having something made for them makes them excited - doesn't matter what it looks like. I know that's how I am. And if they don't like it because it's not perfect, then they don't deserve it! Of course, I'm one to talk - I made Lani an afghan for the last exchange I did, and I wrote in the letter "If you don't like it, just send it back. No hurt feelings" Or something like that. lol. Turns out she loved it.

So, have fun with it and don't stress! Whatever you do, in whatever yarn, is going to be absolutely wonderful!

Wendy said...

I like the blue broomstick lace one! Do that one!

MrsFife said...

I like the broomstick lace too. I've only worked swatches (one) in it. You'll master a new technique. Isn't that what scarves are for? Nice and lacy, too.

Deneen said...

Broomstick lace one here too. The muse will come back or wake up, sometimes she needs a break.

DixieRedHead said...

I LOVE that blue one. I need to figure out how to do that too.

SheCrochets said...

Don't you hate when you just aren't inspired?

One of my fave knit scarf patterns is this one, which is easy and looks good: I did it in a blue varigated and it looked great.

Good luck!

Vik said...

I vote for the blue broomstick lace one! That´s beautiful Kimberly! No doubt!

Kimberly said...

Thanks for the comments everyone! They have helped immensely! I think that my Muse is returning. I am challenging myself to design a scarf using this pattern and alternating beween the broomstick and "normal" crocheting! Will see what I can think up!

Angel said...

I love that scarf but I have no idea what those stitches are. But your swatches would make a beautiful scarf, too! I love them!

Yasmin said...

The blue broomstick pattern is very pretty. Infact, I've started learning it too. It looks like a very pretty scarf in the making.
Don't stress yourself out over he exchange. Usually people appreciate the love and effort that goes into making things.It's a gift so as long as you liked it and send it your partner will receive it with joy, And seeing that you do such beautiful work , I"m sure whatever you make will turn out lovely.

Kayt said...

I love the swatch in green, it looks amazing. I can not wait to learn to crochet! :)