Thursday, September 07, 2006

I ate Burger King!!!

You would not believe how excited I was to eat at Burger King in the Zürich airport last night! Its not even been a month since I was back in the US, but I made the realization that I did not eat a single hamburger the whole time I was there! So when deciding last night between pizza or a whopper meal, the answer was easy to make!

I actually think that I might like travelling to Zurich if I can get a whopper every time I leave to return to Belgium! All that we have here in Belgium is McDonalds, so I'll often go months without a burger! I'm a BK girl through and through - can not eat at McDs except for Breakfast!

I worked at BK for around 6 years through high school and college - they were great for working around my class schedule and giving me hours whenever I wanted! I think I could walk into any of the stores owned by the chain I worked for and have a job without question!

I am back in Belgium, and I have a lot of catching up to do! My friend Kim is flying in tonight so we will go for dinner and drinks once again - I'm pushing for us to go for mojitos this week!

Will work on catching up on my blog reading!


MrsFife said...

I'm going to be nasty here! Do you know every one of your sentences in this post ends with!
Was I nasty enough!
I'm sorry, I really am!

Anonymous said...

Yay! I am glad you got the chance to have a BK burger. Enjoy your time with Kim and hope you can go have mojitos

Kelly said...

I just had to laugh reading your post. LOL ~

If it were so easy to make everyone so happy... the world would be such a nicer place. :)

Kimberly said...

Oh eeek!!! It really all ! How did I do that one? I usually check to make sure that I've not over punctuated or over-used any punctuations. I guess I need to check better next post! =) I think all of my !!! are better than no punctuation at all!

Jenny Moore said...

i gotta say that i'm not a BK girl. last 3 or 4 times i ate BK i ended up sick. it just doesn't agree with me. glad you're happy though! and have a mojito for me!

Mimi said...

Hi Kimberly!
BK was a bit hit here when it started, but it still couldnt beat the two big burger chains -McDonalds and Jollibee. Now, only a few BK branches remain and the quality of their food here I'm sure isnt the same as the original in U.S. or what you had at Zurich.

MrsFife said...

Whew...From the tone of your reply you aren't too angry at me. Thank god... (I tend to overuse "..." :))
And yes, I've shied away from some blogs (even if they were friends writing) because they wouldn't either punctuate or capitalise, which makes reading them very difficult (for me at least).

Shula said...

I am a rabid overuser of words beginning with Capital Letters, where they Don't Really Belong.

Too many years reading AA Milne.

But sometimes I just Can't Resist.


Shula said...

ps. I'm a Macca's Girl, myself.

Mom said...

Well honey, I always said that you could come back to the US and just walk into a BK and take up management again. They know a great employee when they see one, and as you said, it was your livelyhood while in high school and college. A great place to work for the young kids as they accommodate your schedules. I think Dad keeps the one at the mall in business. tehe Yes we did go to BK while you were home but you didn't want a burger. Didn't know what you were missing until you couldn't have it.

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