Sunday, September 17, 2006

My crocheting niece, Bekky

I don't think I mentioned that while I was home in the US that I started to teach my younger sister's step daughter Bekky to crochet. We first attempted last year when I was home in June and I did not do a very good job.! Bekky asked my sister if I would show her how again when I was home this summer, and of course I said YES!!!!!

This time I came home with some colored plastic hooks in different sizes and I bought a Children's Crochet book which had pictures for both right and left handers since Bekky is left handed.

We sat down one day together and I showed Bekky the basics of chaining and a simple single crochet in a loop so that she could finish the first item in the book, loopy flowers. We ended up teaching her right handed as that was more comfortable for her!

Here is a picture of Bekky and her FIRST finished item:

Being a creative and resourceful child, she quickly saw that she could attach the starting and closing ends and create a necklace! Sorry that the picture is not the best of the flower - it actually turned out very well, but in the picture its fallen partially closed.

Bekky left me a comment on my Lighthouse Cloth that she has been practicing the flowers! Keep up the practice Bekky and when I am home for Christmas we will sit down again and go farther in the book!


Deneen said...

She did a great job and should be proud. Soon, she'll be raiding your stash you have at your parents in the US.

Kimberly said...

What a frightening thought! *grin*

I'd be happy to share my stash with her...and my mother relieved that some yarn is actually leaving her basement!

I bring yarn back to Europe with me, but I seem to buy more than I can take!

Vik said...

Pretty necklace, Bekky!

Mimi said...

Lovely work, Bekky!