Monday, September 11, 2006

A surprise visit!

I had a wonderful surprise last night when my college room mate was able to stop in Brussels for the evening on her way from Amsterdam to London! It was wonderful to see Ashley and her friend Sandy.

I picked them up at the train station and treated them to a mini sight seeing your of Brussels - I drove them around the main sites and walked them around the Grand Place - I of course introduced them to the glorious taste of the Belgian Waffles - yummy!

We ended up back at my place where they stayed the night with me. They were amazed by my yarn stash....I wonder why *grin*

They both loved my One Skein Crochet Scarves that I've been working on. I gave Sandy my white one, and am now in the process of making Ashley a green one - the green one that I had made was too short for her. I'll hopefully have it completed in time to meet them in Paris towards the end of their visit.....always assuming that I can get out of work to head over there!

I was thrilled to have someone I know visiting in Brussels, even if it was only for a night - excluding family, Ashley and Sandy would be my first visitors! My other visitors have been my Aunt and my parents.

They were also able to call and talk to their family from my place. I have downloaded the new Yahoo Messenger with voice and added some credit to the phone calling. With this tool, I am able to call the US for the low price of 1 cent per minute! I tested it with my family and it works extremely well and is extremely clear sounding as well as very much same time. The old phone via computer was often slow and had major delays so you would end up talking over each other! I would highly suggest this if you are on a fast connection to the internet.

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