Monday, September 05, 2005

My weekend: Belgian Beer Weekend

Well, I am sure that you are all relived to know that my liver survived the weekend slightly worse for wear, but still functioning! I spent Saturday afternoon and evening at the beer festival with a group of about 25 friends. Had a great time with them! I forgot my camera at home, so no pictures from the evening event! :(

Sunday I woke up and after discussions with Misfit and Cordelia, decided to head out to a café for brunch and tea in the sun…with some crocheting of course!

Here is the café and the results of the day:

I then headed back down to the beer festival at about 4 or so to use up the last of the tokens that I had – since I am sure that I will not be here next year, it was now or never to use those chips! I sent the day out in style, trying several beers, including having a Chimay for Celeste! Here are pictures of the different beers that I tried during the afternoon:

The coconut is the banana beer…..I did not drink this one…I just took a picture. Once in my life (last year) was more than enough for me! Each glass has its own shape as I said the other day!

I leave you with the last few pictures – of myself enjoying my favourite Kriek (a cherry flavoured beer) called Chapeau Kriek, of myself and my best friend Zori and one of the numerous signs that hung around the beer festival! Check out my "tan" that I have - pretty nifty eh? LOL Its actually turned today into a nice tan color but there it looks really pink! The fate I suffer having really sun sensitive skin!

Should you ever be planning a trip to Europe at the beginning of September, be sure to plan a stopover in Brussels for the Beer Festival – one event that I would highly recommend! Even if you do not like the traditional beers (ales, lagers, pilsners) and more prefer the fruity drinks etc, you are sure to find something to suit your taste buds!

My one and only post about Katrina: I am just sickened by the destruction both nature and man-made that is happening to a city's infrastructure and spirit. Being in Europe I am really removed from everything happening there. My European co-workers are looking to me to explain the looting, murders, shootings, rapings, beatings etc and I am at a loss to. I always thought that a city would pull together in time of tragedy, but it appears from here that New Orleans is being pulled apart by the very people who are lamenting the lack of help and assistance. My heart goes out to those outside of New Orleans that faced the brunt of the mention has been made of those living in the smaller communities, towns and the bayou here....I can only pray for everyone who has been impacted. I have done what I can with the Red Cross and the American Humane Society. As well as asking my mother to take some of my emergency money that I had left with her to purchase water and supplies to go down with the local charity efforts. Its not a lot, but its what I can do from the other side of the world.


CraftyCritter said...

Your squares are beautiful!
Although I am not a beer drinker, those beers make me thirsty looking at them.
Hear, Hear, on the Katrina thingy, nuff said!

Sara said...

hmmm. Cherry flavored beer. While not a big partaker of beer, I would love to try that.

It must be very hard to be an american at this time. I know I am upset with the chaos and find it unbelievable to see this in my own country. What must it be like when others are asking you to explain?

Love your new profile pic!

MrsFife said...

Oh, nice, pictures!

Anonymous said...

Squares look good and the beers look yummy!

The whole Katrina thing pisses me off too. We've been taking in refugees out here but just recently stopped taking in more because of health issues. Great. We're doing what we can to help out, though. I can't belive Bush refused outside help. Sometimes I just want to strangle him!