Thursday, September 15, 2005

Traveling Thursday......Prague

This weeks edition of traveling Thursday takes us to Prague in the heart of the eastern bloc region of Europe. The capital city of the Czech Republic, Prague is a very pretty and quaint city. With a castle up on the hill, a gorgeous clock, and of course, the Christmas markets, Prague is a wonderful city!

Here is a picture of an old water wheel and a picture of the stalls at the Christmas market! I bought jewelry, Czech glass ball oil lamps and some gorgeous Christmas ornaments which I hand carried back to the US for about nerve wracking!

My visit took place last December where we toured the city, shopped at the Christmas stalls and found an American bagel restaurant...yummm! We also went to the Opera to see Turandot, and had excellent seats in a private! What an experience that was...felt very posh sitting there, even if I was in my jeans (last minute decision to go, and no time to change....jeans would normally be the LAST thing I would wear to the Opera!)

Deneen - sorry for another taunting by flashing my pictures!


Deneen said...

You are so *mean* to me!!!!!

Kimberly said...

But its a nice kind of mean!!! I'm helping you to see the world...well, Europe at least! :) Post a picture of a Slurpee on your blog and I would be jealous....or a picture of the yarn section at Michaels.... JoAnns.... Hobby Lobby.... any would cause me to drool and dream!