Wednesday, September 07, 2005

Off I go.....into wide blue yonder!

Well, today is the start of my mad and wild travelling for the next month. Which will hopefully result in many pictures, but also means the lack of blogging, Crochetville, and *gasp* Crocheting time!

I am heading off tonight for Milan, and will return tomorrow night in time to join the farewell party for my colleague Brad who is returning to the US.

I leave Friday evening for Stockholm Sweden where I will be until Sunday night! I am travelling here with Zori once again, my favorite travelling partner in crime! Hopefully we don't get into too much trouble! Many thanks to Oslofia for sending over all of the great links on Stockholm, including some great suggestions for some yarn shops!

I leave Monday night for Munich for a meeting on Tuesday!

I am then back in Brussels for 3 days and then its another weekend. I am still torn on what I am going to do that weekend (19th / 20th). I have a friend I know who is stationed at Darmstadt Germany. Okay, a friend is a really loose term here - I would more or less call him an acquaintance. Any-who, he just found out that he is getting shipped to Iraq in 5 weeks. So, he has asked me to come down and visit. This would be a great trip as I could also possibly arrange a side trip down to Stuttgart to visit Marvie! The downside here is that I had already made tentative plans with some friends to get together in Brussels and possibly go to a Hops Festival in another city in Belgium (Hops is what is used to make beer, so translate this into another Beer Festival!!) I'll have to make a decision soon as I need to arrange for a car if I decide to go to Germany......we shall see!

I am off to Zurich the 19th for a meeting, and then on the 23rd my parents arrive and we go to Paris on the 25th, and then leave for Rome Italy on the 28th for 4 days! The long and short of this all is that in one month, I will travel to Italy twice, Germany twice, Switzerland, France and Sweden! Oh did I mention that I am spending 5 days the first weekend in October in Ireland for Zori's birthday? lol

I really am trying to see more of the places on my Places To Visit Before I Die list! This next month will see 3 places crossed off my list! And a few repeats!


Oslofia said...

Have a great time visiting Stockholm. I expect to see some pics when you get back =)

Marvie said...

Wow that's a lot of miles =) I'm jealous of your trip to Rome! My son is doing a unit study on Ancient Rome as well as studying Latin this year and I really want to take him there. I told hubby and he said he'd start saving, but I have no idea when it'll happen lol.

Anonymous said...

I gotta say, I'm jealous of all your travelling! Of course, I don't envy the stress that comes with it - dealing with packing and work and travel arrangements and such. Still, it sounds like fun!


CraftyCritter said...

Have fun Kimberly!!! Drink lots of beer and buy lots of yarn!

Vera said...

It's hard to be jealous because you're so nice, but I'm trying :-)

Sara said...

Um, am I supposed to feel sorry for you because you won't have time for crochet? Sorry, can't seem to muster any pity. LOL!!!!! Have fun, even if some of the trips are business related. I look forward to pics.

You are one lucky duck!! It is hard to be jealous of such a nice person.

Jessi said...

I'm really jealous. I hope you have an awesome and safe trip and I can't wait to hear about it and see pics!!!!!! Have fun!

ck said...

Sounds so fun. Have a great trip!