Friday, September 16, 2005

A second FO today! *faint*

Well, would you believe it? A second finished object to show y'all today! Shocking, I know!! *grin*

I've been very productive tonight! I got home on time for the first time in oh...2 years! So, I whipped up a batch of Chocolate Chip Cookies to take into work tomorrow for my former team mates who are busy working on the budget...I don't miss that one at all! But since I kept them all fed last year (while working 12-14 hour days last year I would still manage to bake at least one cake, brownie or cookie each week...sometimes two for a period of 2 months! Insane, I know! But baking is very therapeutic and stress relieving for me. I did other things besides sweets too - muffins and breads for examples) I thought that I should at least bring them in something once - are I not the nicest? lol So here's the cookies cooling away on my table:

Now on the FO - one of Donna's ever so wonderful Jute Baskets!! Vera sent me some jute, and tonight I decided to whip one up. They worked up really quickly, but I must say that my poor thumb is throbbing right now! I think that I hold my hook oddly, and it rubs really badly on my right thumb! I will do another one or two with the rest of the soon as I can find more beads!

Only one week now until my parents are on their way to visit! I can not wait! Our plans right now are to go to Paris and Rome, as well as me sending them to a few cities around Belgium while I am working a day or two! I can not take that much time off right now...especially since I am going to need to take 2 days off to go to Ireland with Zori for her birthday!

I just realize while re-reading my post for errors that I use an awful lot of exclamation points when I am writing....I think that Cordelia is wearing off on me!! LOL


CraftyCritter said...

LOL! Hey exclamation points are better than picking up my "f" word habit!!! <-----see more of these!!!!


Anonymous said...

I can almost smell those cookies all the way over here! They look absolutely yummy! I love baking as well, just rarely get to do it. I do have bananas that are browning really nicely though! Looking forward to making that banana cake of yours tomorrow. Guess I should make sure I have all the ingredients!

And I love your jute basket! Where do you get jute from, anyways?


Kimberly said...

You should be able to get Jute from Walmart in their garden secion I believe...or any gardening type place etc.... perhaps a hardware store love Home Depot might have it???? I am guessing here since the lovely and wonderful Vera sent me mine!

Mimi said...

Wow Kimberly your cookies really look perfect and so yummy! Lucky are they who get to eat your baked goodies!!!
And your jute basket is wonderful, well worth the sore thumb!

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