Friday, September 02, 2005

Travelling Thursday....on Friday!

I was so busy yesterday that I totally forgot to post a picture for travelling Thursday!

Here is this weeks edition:

Valmenier 2005 2 Valmenier 2005 1

Back in February I had the pleasure of being able to go Downhill skiing for the first time in my life! I went in filled with all sorts of apprehensions about skiing and breaking my leg (thanks to a family history of this happening). I made the decision to take private lessons (at a really cheap rate - more affordable than group lessons I was told in Aspen or Vail) had a ton of fun, saw some gorgeous scenery and would love to go back again!

We went to Valmenier in the French Alps - the slopes here were perfect! Several greens and easy blues for me (I even did a really easy red with my instructor - OMG I thought that I was going to die!) and more challenging Reds and a few Blacks for my friends that were great skiers! The food was typical Savoy fare - Cheese, cheese and more cheese! With some pasta and potatoes thrown in! :)

I am not sure if I will continue skiing though once I return to the US - it seems to be way more expensive there than here, especially if you have to travel any distance to get there! I spent just under $600 for a weeks accommodation, ski lift, skis & boots, 4 days of private lessons and my train fare to the resort from Brussels! I also spent another $100 on food, our residence had a kitchen, so we only had to eat out at night although I did cook twice for the others - Chicken and Pasta one night and Omelets another night! .


MrsFife said...

Lovely!!! Makes me wish I could be there, instead of this humid place....Isn't Europe wonderful? So much to see in such a compact place...

Debi said...

It's sounds heavenly, Kimberly!!!

Anonymous said...

I used to love skiing - Until I tumbled down a black diamond and killed my knees. Have already had one knee surgery, and may be looking at another :( I've spent some time up in Mammoth California trying to will myself to ski again, but my fears won't allow me to even get 10 feet from the rentals. Oh well. Maybe one day. Glad you enjoyed it! And the pictures are gorgeous!