Tuesday, September 06, 2005

kaml2000 has left the house!

Well, that's it folks! The end of an era, the beginning of a new! LOL Kaml2000 has left the house and Kimberly has moved in to fill the spot over there at Crochetville! This aligns both my Blogger name and my Crochetville name.....a little bit of synergy in my often chaotic and confusing life!

I really debated going with the TaxiHooker name, but realized that I would probably offend someones moral sensibilities, and while I personally don't give a hoot, nor does my family or close friends, someone would get pissed off. I mean, if my sweet 70+ years old Grandmother can call me a "bitch" people should be able to handle the "hooker" tag line....did I ever tell you that my Dads cousins are all Hookers? LOL I thought that was the funniest when I was growing up that Aunt Joyce's last name was Hooker *snicker* I wonder, as a professional lady of the night, do they have to depreciate their assets? What is the asset average life span? Is it straight line depreciation? Who determines the value of the assets? Is there a re-sale value? Can you tell that I am an accountant?

Crocheting front - My Little Frog Princess now has Two arms, fully stuffed and sewn together, along with her torso done! My scarf is coming along nicely on the trams - I am babysitting my co-workers daughters tonight, so there is a good possibility that I will finish the majority of it! I am also working on a doily, and once that one is done, I will switch to work on a pineapple doily from a booklet that Vera sent to me (Vera was wonderful and sent two balls of jute along with the doily booklet and a pineapple bookmark in exchange for Chocolate, one of the lace butterflies and some Euro Coins / Euro Bill for her husband - thanks again Vera!!)

Have a great day!


Anonymous said...

Wow, is this the last post that I have missed? Now that I'm back home and my anniversary is past, I think I'll actually be able to keep up now! And thanks for letting us know of the change - I wouldn't have been able to stalk you anymore! I still like TaxiHooker though....I'll probably change my name at some point in time too - just tired of it.


Sedie said...

I think TaxiHooker would be great!

ladylinoleum said...

No pics of the froggie princess???

CraftyCritter said...

Kimberly is Kimberly...cool...

Yea where's the froggy princess pics???