Monday, September 12, 2005

Fall football.....

Being in Europe, I miss most of the fall football season, as I can only watch a few games, if any at all! While I was unable to watch the ND versus Michigan match-up this past weekend I was able to stay in the loop thanks to my Dad texting me the progress while I was in Stockholm!

Heres a re-cap of our texting:

Dad: Half time ND 14 Michigan 3
Me: How is ND doing? Let me know please! :)
Dad: Final Score ND 17
(Huh??? WHO won?????????)
Me: Ok nd 17 what did michigan have????
Dad: Won by 7
Me: Shit dad, who won by 7? I asked you what mich score was! Sheesh lack of clarity - Zori agrees
Dad: oh that nd 17 mich 10 smile

Armed with that knowledge, I took great pleasure in walking up to a gentleman wearing a Michigan jacket in the Vasa museum and giving him my condolences! lol He looked at my very strangely and then I grinned and told him I went to Notre Dame! (okay, I went to Saint Mary's, but in this case, I had to say ND!!! PLUS, I did take some courses over there!) He groaned and said of course he would run into someone from ND! I could only grin!

I love tormenting the poor Michigan fans at times like these.....I put up with it when ND loses, so its only right for me to dish it back to them!

Yahoo! Sports - NCAA Football - No. 20 Notre Dame 17, No. 3 Michigan 10


Jessica said...


I've spent the past couple of days tormenting my husband, a big Michigan fan. (I'm an Ohio State fan, and while I'm not thrilled that Notre Dame won, I'd rather they won than Michigan. :) (And I don't mind too much that OSU lost to Texas. At least they played well ... as opposed to Michigan ... :)


Jessi said...

Oh man....Kimberly....Jessica....
I have one thing to say......

GO BLUE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hahahahahaha.....I am a Wolvs fan and I won't mention how I feel about Ohio State, mmmkay? But can you root against Michigan? Ok, I will admit they kind of have a crappy team this year and I may have to turn a blind eye ;)

Kimberly said...

Sorry Jessi - I've been a ND fan my WHOLE life - my Dad would sing me to sleep with the Notre Dame Fight Song! When forced, I'll pick Michigan over Michigan State, but otherwise, I must admit that I like any team that plays Michigan.....well, perhaps not OSU.....thats a tough one! Sorry Jessica!! *grin*