Sunday, September 11, 2005

Greetings From the Stockholm Airport!!

Well, this has been a trip beyond belief!! Due to traffic and a train strike, we missed our bus to the airport on Friday....well, I was there and waved goodbye to the bus since Zori was stuck on a train! We managed to convince a taxi driver to drive us down to Charleroi Airport (45 minutes outside of Brussels) for the low price of 80 euros (a deal we were assured!!) I slept the whole way there since I was feeling a little bit under the weather! We made it to Charleroi and on to our flight!

Had a great day and a half sight seeing and of course wool shopping - I picked up some gorgeous purple wool from Norway! We also did some damage to the shops - my half empty suitcase is now packed to the full! Today we went to the Vasa Museum which is a museum dedicated to the Vasa ship - a 17th century ship that sank on its maiden voyage and was found in the mud in the 1950s! Its amazingly intact and an awesome site to see! Oops! On Saturday I spent 30 minutes clapping and cheering for the Stockholm half marathon runners - I was a one person cheering section for everyone who came around my corner....not sure if any of them understood my shouts of encouragement, but thats okay! Its the thought that counts right?

So, we had a nice afternoon shopping, and then a nice lunch before heading back to the hotel to pick up our luggage and go to the airport. We got to the train station to catch our bus and realized that we had the wrong time!! We called the airport frantically and managed to get on the flight to Paris instead....Paris????? well, its closer to Brussels than Stockholm!!

So here we sit in the Stockholm airport, our future once we land in Paris is still to be determined.....we have checked the train times and will miss the last Thalys to Brussels. We will look into possibly renting a car in Paris and driving to this point, I am willing to ride a bicycle!

I hope that all of you had a great weekend! Will update you on the last leg of my journey once it has been completed! Cheers!

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