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Monday, September 26, 2005

Sunday in Paris.....Monday at work

Had a great time this weekend with my parents! Showed them around Brussels a little bit on Saturday - took them down to the Grand Place, to see the Mannequin Pis (little boy statue who they dress up on various occasions) and of course to try a Belgian Waffle!

Here are some pictures - enjoying the waffle and the Mannequin Pis dressed up as Asterix, a Belgian cartoon character!

Sunday morning we got on the Thalys high-speed train to Paris and One hours and 25 minutes later we arrived! I spent the day showing them around the city - as my Dad injured his knee before they came (he will probably have to have surgery to repair it) we mainly took one of the double Decker Hop on Hop off buses. The nice thing about visiting Paris so often is that I know where all of the nice public restrooms are! :) While waiting with them to buy souvenirs, I spotted the cutest magnet - which of course I had to get one!! Here are the pics of us at the Eiffel Tower and my magnet which is on my computer stand here at work!

Speaking of work, I had a wonderful day of mail arrive here! Look at what was waiting me when I showed up this morning:

First, my next set of stitch markers from the Stitch Marker Swap at Crochetville from Juli. I absolutely love them Juli - thanks so very much!! Thank you also for the pattern sheets!

Second, a wonderful little surprise from Jessi! A wonderful postcard of Michigan to make me homesick and remember what I am missing! :) A cute Kimberly name plate and four AWESOME stitch markers! They are wonderful!! Thank you so very much for sending them to me!

And last, but not least, from Marvie I received a wonderful mailing of beads and earring wire to help out on my Stitch Markers that I am making for the Crochetville Swap! Thank you so very much Marvie! They arrived safe and sound - you are awesome!

I do believe that is it for now! I must get to work and then leave to go pick my parents up at the train station! Have a wonderful day!


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